OXO Tot Feature

OXO Tot Review

We have recently been using some fab products from OXO Tot; the divided plate and the matching cutlery set.    I absolutely love using divided plates and trays for Amelia’s food so this plate is just the perfect addition. It has a four different sized sections and is great to use  for breakfast or lunch […]

Garden Inspired Crafts Feature

Garden Crafting!

I decided that this weeks craft would be slightly different as it’s usually something messy or painty. We’ve not used glue very much but there are so many crafts you can do involving sticking so thought we would give it a try and see how Amelia got on!  Amelia loves being outdoors so I set […]


Magic Squares Playdates

Playdates are such a great way for little ones to spend time with their friends and a chance to catch up with your mummy/parent friends too. We love our play dates and each one is always different. We try to switch up the location and activity whether it be an outdoor park trip, a walk, […]

Classic Cupcakes Feature

Foodie Friday: Classic Cupcakes

Pretty much no matter what kind of decoration my cupcakes will be having I tend to mostly follow the same recipe as I think it’s a pretty fool proof, tastes amazing, never goes wrong kinda recipe and that is exactly what you want when baking. Even if your experimenting with frostings and toppings you want […]