Mummy & Me | June

I cannot believe it’s July and time to look back over this months photos and fish out the ones of myself and Amelia. June was mostly filled with selfies and sunshine so the photographs I’ve chosen are just spontaneous selfies taken whilst we were out enjoying ourselves.                  Hoping the sunshine continues into July […]

Dinosaur Collage Feature

Dinosaur Stamps

We recently got some new crafty bits from Baker Ross and I was super excited to get using them. We chose to use the dinosaur stampers and the reusable giant ink pad which is brilliant! To make this a themed craft I decided we would do a dinosaur collage. I set Amelia off in the garden with […]

Pink Lining MiniMe Feature

Pink Lining #MiniMe Rucksack Review

Amelia is pretty much my double looks and personality wise and I quite often refer to her as my Mini Me so when we had the chance to have matching rucksacks, you can imagine how much I LOVED the idea.   Pink Lining have lots of matching products but these rucksacks are exactly the same just one […]


Miffy Turns 60!!

It is Miffy’s birthday on the 21st June in just a couple of days but we celebrated today by baking some Miffy Cupcakes. Miffy may be 60 but this classic bunny is has been modernised with adorable books with lots of new ones coming out this year! It is a very exciting time for Miffy […]