Tide Out – Sandbanks Beach

You all know how much I LOVE where I live and just adore the beach; I pretty much spam my Instagram feed with beach photos on a weekly basis. Living in Dorset means I am surrounded by a choice of beaches but my favourite and most local is Sandbanks in Poole. We popped down late […]


Why won’t you talk to me?

Like every parent I worry about milestones and can’t help but compare Amelia to other babies/toddlers. Amelia’s next milestone…I guess you could call it a milestone although its more of an ongoing thing is speech! Now don’t get me wrong this kid could talk for absolute hours and she does all day every day but […]

My Sunday Photo #9

I wasn’t going to post a My Sunday Photo this week due to just being busy and tired but this photo changed my mind.  Think it’s very important to stop and take time to relax because sometimes life can get super busy and hectic. It’s really nice to take some me time and a bath […]

Weekend Baby Style #8

Weekends seem to come by so quickly at the moment so here is another weekend of what Amelia’s been wearing!  SATURDAY: Grey & Mustard Floral Dress: Next Knitted Mustard Leggings: Next Thin Knit Grey Cardigan: H&M Mini Flower Shabby Bow: The Bow Boutique  This is an oldie but a goody! (Excuse the bright blue muslin!!) […]

Huge 18-24 month Haul

So today I have a haul to show you. I’ve been collecting bits for the next size up  in Amelia’s wardrobe since last summer and bits and pieces will probably start to be filtered in. She still has lots of 12-18month stuff that fits but it will be nice to bring in these new things! […]

Diva in the Making?

Do you ever worry that you’re parenting your child in a particular way that is ultimately leading them to behave in a certain way? My concern is that I am creating a diva. I’m not talking the next North West but more along the lines of the demanding naughty toddler. I can already tell Amelia […]