My Sunday Photo #16

This week was a tough one to choose as our week even though I’ve been ill has been filled with lots of outdoors fun! Yesterday we went to Lulworth Cove which we are so lucky to have only a short drive away from us. Love this one of me and Amelia! The sea in the […]

Baby’s First Icecream

We have finally been seeing some gorgeous sunny spring time weather and decided to make the most of it. As you all know the beach is our favourite place to be so myself, Amelia and my Mum headed down to spend the morning and lunch at our beach hut, picnic in hand! This post is […]

My Sunday Photo #15

We have been loving the sunny weather this week. There are lots of photos I could have chosen of Amelia out and about but I love this one of her watering. She holds the watering can so awkwardly that it was mostly her feet that got wet! Like this:Like Loading…