Mummy & Me | July 

Its that time of the month for Mummy and Me! I get to look back over the months photos and choose my favourites. We actually have quite a few that I like from this month as we’ve been really busy but I’ve picked my favourite black and white photos as they are all completely different […]

My Sunday Photo #30

   I adore this photo and the way the lighting has caught. It was taken at our beach hut which is basically our second home!  I’m also throwing this second one in (whoops) taken on the same day! Most of these end up being beach photos but they always seem to be my favourite photos! […]

Regatta Feature

Regatta ready for British Summertime 

It’s the end of July and Amelia’s pressed up against the back doors begging to go in the “garben” which on summer days she’s usually free to roam in her favourite place. However, today its pouring with rain and were going to be stuck indoors all day! Fortunately we’ve been kitted out with rainwear from Regatta which […]

Smoothie Feature

Foodie Friday: Simple Smoothies 

I love smoothies and juice but hate looking online for recipes to be bombarded with a list as long as my arm of ingredients I either haven’t heard of or don’t have in the house. I have still managed to make some pretty delicious and pretty healthy smoothies using basic fruit and veg that you […]

Weymouth Sealife Feature

Weymouth SeaLife 

We are really lucky that Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park is only a 45 minute trip from us and after collecting a pretty big stash of the vouchers off cereal boxes and such we decided we better put one to use and head over there. So armed with a picnic, raincoat and a swimming costume (gotta love […]