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For me choosing baby bedding was one of the most stressful things ever! I spent hours scrolling through websites and walking round baby shops looking at cot bedding. I initially thought I wanted something pink as I knew I was having a girl but really struggled to find any pink themes that I liked. A lot of bedding has huge characters all over it which I wasn’t a particular fan of! I wanted a set with a colour theme and the cheapest way of doing this was getting a bundle which would come with a cot bumper, blanket and sheets etc or some other compilation of cot bits.

Anyway it actually really started to get on my nerves that I couldn’t get what I wanted until I found Lollipop Lane. My only issue was that I couldn’t see it in the flesh but I fell in love with the ‘Pumpkin and Popsicle’ set which is a mixture of creams, vanillas, yellows and a hit of pink running through to brighten it up. I thought this was perfect a nice neutral theme which fits bed-time perfectly!

I went ahead and ordered;

  • A bundle that included; cot mobile, fleece blanket and duvet
  • Knitted blanket that matched the theme
  • 2x 1.5tog sleeping bags.
  • 4x lemon Jersey Fitted sheets in Lemon

I was so excited when this set arrived and couldn’t wait to get it on the cot and see what it looked like. Its brilliant because although not using the duvet at the moment I’ve got it for when Amelia gets bigger; which with a lot of the sets I looked at I wouldn’t have got. I managed to ordered the Pumpkin and Popsicle set when they had a particular offer on and got a further discount at the checkout with a code which brought it down to such a reasonable price for everything I was getting.

I’ve noticed Lollipop Lane do lots of offers and discounts which is such a plus for this website!

I was super happy with the delivery all came neatly boxed and packaged and really quick and I received a text message on the day saying roughly what time it was due to come. It fits perfectly in the room its such a neutral space just right for bedtime not bright things in Amelia’s face. I love having the mobile to match it just finishes the collection perfectly.

Pumpkin & Popsicle Mobile

Pumpkin & Popsicle Mobile

Amelia's cot with the Pumpkin & Popsicle bedding set; bumper, lemon fitted sheet, fleece blanket and mobile.

Amelia’s cot with the Pumpkin & Popsicle bedding set; bumper, lemon fitted sheet & fleece blanket.

I get so many comments about the knitted blanket that came with the set people asking if I knitted it, ha are you for real! However, I did knit a blanket (slightly unfinished) but no-where near as good as this! I love having the fleece blanket as a pram blanket, its so sweet with the colours, the large knit style and the knitted motifs at the bottom.

Knitted blanket, 70x90cm

Knitted blanket, 70x90cm

When I was looking into bedding I came across the sleeping bag idea and there are a lot of mixed reviews about them but I bought a couple with this bedding set just in case I decided to use them. Anyway they have been a serious god-send. Even from newborn Amelia would kick the blankets off, even when I was getting up to do the night feeds I would wake up after a couple of hours to no blanket being there! Once Amelia hit the appropriate weight to be able to go in them and when her head was big enough to to slip down into the head hole I started using them. Haven’t had night out of them. Got some slightly bigger tog (2.5tog) for the colder nights but they are great. A really good way to begin a night-time routine too. During Amelia’s last feed she goes into her sleeping bag almost as though she knows its soon to be bed time! No-more kicking off blankets when she is in a sleeping bag and they keep her super toasty especially in the cold winter nights we are now facing. Would definitely recommend these to anyone!

Pumpkin & Popsicle Sleeping Bag

Pumpkin & Popsicle Sleeping Bag

I could have chosen any of the sets off of Lollipop Lane; they are so sweet and do excellent bundles; would seriously recommend this to any mums to be looking for a cot theme. You can continue with lights curtain tabs and changing mats too if you want the nursery to contain the entire theme.

To sum up I highly recommend Lollipop Lane bedding to anyone the quality is fab and hasn’t even begun to fade after numerous washing so pleased with my set!

Thanks Lollipop Lane! 

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  1. Denise

    December 8, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    I know what you mean about pink. It can be a bit too much – the touch of pink round the blanket is a good compromise.

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