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10 Things For The Kids At Camp Bestival - alice & amelia
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10 Things For The Kids At Camp Bestival

If your considering Camp Bestival for the first time and wondering what the kids can get up to then here are a few ideas. Having been for the last couple of years I’ve got a slight insight into the world of Camp Bestival and all the things that are avaliable for children.

Camp Bestival really is a family festival but you know what it’s like you’ve got to make sure there is enough for the children to do to keep them happy!

1. Lizzie’s Way

This was probably one of our favourite favourite bits of Camp Bestival and definitely Amelia’s favourite. Lizzie’s Way can be found in wooded area of the festival other wise known as the Dingly Dell. There is so much to do in this space anyway and is a lovely shaded space away from the noise and hopefully summer sun of the festival. Lizzie’s Way is the perfect area for children to express themselves. Walking through the bunting filled area, you come across teepee’s filled with books and a puppet theatre to enjoy. As you keep walking there was a mud kitchen and bamboo potion station for pouring and filling. Amelia’s favourite bit had to be the wooden stage area complete with drums and microphone! There was also a wish tree full of everyone’s favourite wishes Amelia’s of course was to be a unicorn! A lovely space for children to escape and just have fun.


2. Mr Tumble/Children’s Acts

Children in general just love the music that’s always going on at Camp Bestival. But of course they are going to love the things that are especially for them a little more. Mr Tumble has been a highlight of Amelia’s weekend the last couple of years. He puts on a fantastic show getting everyone up and dancing about and singing lots of songs that the children will recognise. Dick and Dom also make a lot of the children laugh. Mister Maker is also going to be at Camp Bestival for 2017 along with School of Rock the Musical and Bear and The Piano.


3. Art Town

Another amazing part of Camp Bestival is Art Town. Sticking with the Camp Bestival theme which this year is Pop Stars and Rock stars the tent is full of themed crafts from cutting, sticking, colouring and painting it’s another place that children can create and express themselves. The tent is full of colouring and a huge wall outside that children can paint however they like that by the end of the weekend is full!


4. Circus Area in the Upper Kids Garden

Situated in the Upper Kid’s Garden behind the castle is a huge space dedicated to children. Activities in here include things like BigTopMania teaching kids circus skills and performing throughout the weekend. There is a bouncy castle, bikes and go-karts. There is also a toddler’s play area full of toys in a nice shady spot. This is great when you just need a little relax as children can enjoy playing safely. We also spent some chilled time making floral headbands this year a lovely little activity. There is also a baby chill out area near this, perfect for feeding babies and enjoying some baby dedicated space.

5. Lower Kids Garden

In the lower kids garden there is even more for children. From the world’s largest bouncy castle (yep!!!) to the helter skelter and carousel there is a few family favourite fairground rides to get on and enjoy. Amelia loves the carousel and I think this year we will be trying out the slide for the first time. 2016 the Worlds Largest Bouncy Castle joined the festival and although we had to queue it was well worth it, so much fun for all the family!

Within this garden there is also a soft play space which was a godsend for our first year at Camp Bestival. Amelia was almost 2 for our first festival and enjoyed running away so spent a lot of time in the pram in between walking from each place so having the soft play meant she could run off some energy and play! There is also a sandpit area for under 5’s in this garden. The Insect Circus can also be found on here and is always good for a little bit of entertainment!

6. Kids Discos

As if dancing to the acts whilst they are playing isn’t enough why not try out one of the kids discos. Running usually in the Bollywood area Big Fish Little Fish host kids discos. Think family raving, dance contests and games all aimed at the kids. It’s a chance for little ones and adults to have a good old dance!

7. Food

What child doesn’t love food!? From snacking options to meals Camp Bestival offers so much when it comes to food. There are so many different food stalls from pizzas, pasta, curries, fish and chips to burgers there is plenty to keep little ones happy. Up in the Farmers Market you can grab baked goods and put together a little kids lunch box to see you through the day. Or grab them a giant corn on the cob and a milkshake and watch them enjoy that! There is plenty for all the family food wise and most places offer a kids meal or a smaller kids portion that you can buy.

8. Fireworks

You probably won’t be willing the festival to come to an end but unfortunately it has to. What better way to finish Camp Bestival than with an epic firework display. The firework display is incredible and one definitely not to be missed. I think they are the best firework displays I’ve ever seen and Amelia loves them! The are set around the castle with light shows all over the castle building and fireworks coming out from in front and behind, the perfect setting for it right?! A real way to finish Camp Bestival with a bang!

9. Festival Life

There is something about a festival that just changes your mood. The sun is usually shining, music is playing, there’s something to look at everywhere you look and everyone is having a good time. Even just looking around at the flags blowing in the wind and peeking into the tents to see what’s going on makes you smile. What makes Camp Bestival even better for the children is that because it’s a family festival everyone is looking out for the kids making sure they are having  good time and that they are safe. It’s a weekend where you can forget everything else and just be in the moment enjoying yourselves. New experiences for children and Camp Bestival really has everything you could want for a weekend!

10. Family Time – Memories Last a Lifetime

A weekend at Camp Bestival will bring a family closer than ever, especially if you are all camping in one tent. You can enjoy new experiences together and children can learn new things when camping. The actual festival itself is just so much fun and the things you’ll do there will provide you with memories that will last forever. Whenever I look back at the photos from our last two trips I am reminded of the best weekend of the summer!

Here’s a few other bloggers children’s favourite bits about Camp Bestival;

“My girls loved having a good old rave and dancing about in the confetti filled space at the Kids Discos. Definitely something to do at Camp Bestival.” – Everything Mummy.

“Lizzie’s Way was our daughters favourite place and they could literally spend hours playing make believe under the trees in the mud cafe” – Tired Mummy of Two.

“Lizzie’s Way is our favourite place and last year we did the sleep under the stars which is amazing!” – Chelsea Mamma 

“My daughter is 17 now but we both love the free clay modelling” – Tattooed Mummy 

“We love the Insect Circus and peeking into the exhibits in the tiny circus caravan” – Tents and Festivals. 

“My boys love watching the kid shows, the food of course and getting stuck in making things. They also love chilling in the arena with the diablos and having fun. We’ve only been for two years but they have found something new and different each time” – My Gorgeous Boys 


If this hasn’t tempted you why not head to the Camp Bestival website for more info as honestly I’ve only just touched on what is so fab about Camp Bestival! You can also search my blog for more posts on our times at Camp Bestival.

Thanks for reading!xx



  1. 23rd June 2017 / 7:46 am

    Wow,a great visual feast for me! Love your beautiful photography! Must be a great day to spend here with kids!

  2. 7th February 2018 / 9:10 am

    Thanks for your sharing, You must have a fun trip!
    from your article, I know much more information about the Camp Bestival and I am fairly willing to visit it one day.

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