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5 Tips for Moving House with Children! - alice & amelia
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5 Tips for Moving House with Children!

Moving from one home to another can be a stressful time, we know this because, anyone who has done it, has at some point had a little melt down, it’s OK, it happens to everyone. But moving home when you have a little one can be even more stressful.

From all of the heavy objects that need to be transported to vehicles to moving personal belongings from one space to another, the thought of having a tiny one to look after as well as do all the other associated house moving can be quite intense.

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Whilst we would all prefer the option to drop them off at friends or family, we know that this is not always option, especially if you are moving big distances. Online estate agents Jet Homes have a few easy to follow steps to make sure that moving with little ones can be made easier.

1) Get Prepared

As already mentioned, moving can be quite stressful, but if it’s stressful for you, imagine how it can be for a small child who is at the stage of either asking more questions or wanting to know a lot more about what is going on.

The best piece of advice we can give you here is, don’t panic, get prepared. Tell your child what is going to be happening on the day of the move, let them know that their favourite toys and games will packed up and let them know in advance (if possible) where you’re moving to.

2) Pack some favourite items they can play with

Once you’ve told them, ask them to get together their favourite book, toy and plaything and keep this all together in an area, or bag so they get used to having their belongings in one simple, easy to access place.

You don’t need a lot, what you do need is something that is going to keep their attention fixed for long enough that you can get on with packing and moving items around the house.

3) Organise your removal drivers
One of the most chaotic things with moving is actually getting your removal drivers organised because sometimes you can’t specify a time. What you can do is however specify your removal time window. When you know this, the best plan of action, especially when it concerns your children and moving larger items is to get rooms categorised with what items need to be moved first.

From your living room which has a couch, TV, desk or more delicate items, to your dining room, these areas tend to be cleared quickly. When you’re going through these rooms, keep your children in other areas of the house so the delivery men can work quickly and safely to remove items.

4) Prepare food the night before
One of the biggest problems that comes about with a house move is the lack of planning for food. Perhaps the last time you moved you didn’t have small children so a quick takeaway would have done, but now, that’s not the case.

The night before the move, spend a few minutes sticking together some lunchboxes with fruit and vegetables as snacks (and possibly a little treat) and definitely some juice boxes, so you don’t need to dig around your packing for a glass. By doing this, you can quickly food sorted and carry on with the essential moving that is required.

5) Plan a break
Yes, you will need a break as much as the kids, but this is also an opportunity to spend some good quality time with your children, even if only for a little bit to check up on them and make sure that they are OK with moving.

During the break you may decide to take a little walk or play in the garden, anything that can distract you all from what is going on inside the house even if just for 30 minutes.

Remember, moving house is not easy, but with forward planning, you can make it easier for yourselves and your children. Also, moving house is a two step process, so from your old to your new home, most of what is being discussed here will apply to your new home as well. Take the time to plan ahead and make the move as smooth as possible.

Thanks for reading!xx


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