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A baby's first Christmas... - alice & amelia
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A baby’s first Christmas…

A first Christmas has to be one of the most exciting things and a time I want to make really special for Amelia and my family but the question that comes to mind is how far do you take it!? The sad fact is they won’t remember their first Christmas and will probably find the wrapping paper the most exciting part and cry through sitting down for so long to open all the presents they have been given.

A baby is a constant expense, going through clothes every few months, millions of nappies and milk powder and upgrading toys to their abilities. I have decided that although Amelia will most likely be getting spoilt this Christmas it will be more practical gifts as she will be needing things throughout this whole year. That’s not me being unkind or not excited that it is her first Christmas but just being a bit more realistic! From her grandparents I’ve asked for a highchair something that she will be needing around February/march time. I’ve chosen the mamas and papas ‘Juice’ highchair in raspberry which also comes with shorter legs to act as a little seat she can sit in up to the age of 5. I absolutely love this highchair and can’t wait for her to be sat up at the table with me.

I ordered a a Christmas sack a while back from Harrow and green which is a personalised hessian brown sack which I’m going to fill. I’ve got lots of weening items from Tommee Tippee; little pots and bowls and some spoons which will go in her stocking but I’m also intending to wrap nappies and Aptamil milk powder too; things I will always need and can get an extra supply of for Christmas to reduce spending in January and February.

Clothing wise I’m not going to buy much. I’ve got her some red and white sleepsuits from Next which look super festive which she can have and wear before Christmas and I’m going to get her a Christmas Day outfit (seen a cute dress in Zara) and something to wear for the under1s Christmas party but going to wait until the January sale for most of my clothing items I want to buy!

Amelia is starting to get a lot more clever with her hands reaching out and grabbing at things with a purpose and absolutely loves the zoo fabric book she has so I got a couple more black and white fabric books and a hand puppet book which I think she will love and I’m going to get a few more stories to put onto her book shelf. Also some more toys that are fitting for her age such as a tummy time ball and other things to shake and that make noises.

Present wise that is probably it but I want to get a few memorabilia to remember her first Christmas. On the website not on the high street I have seen personalised Christmas baubles which I think are lovely but haven’t yet decided which one to get!

I think Christmas for babies and children is such a special time but especially for a baby’s first year their isn’t a time where you aren’t buying or replenishing clothing so I’m not going to go to overboard. Also got to get my thinking cap on for cute presents to get for family and friends from Amelia! Cards with a picture seem like a good idea or maybe a frame with a picture of Amelia inside. Simple but nice ideas!!

I’m really looking forward to the Christmas; having my sister home for a few days and having the girls back from university for the holidays will be really nice. Some of them haven’t seen Amelia since September, can’t wait for them to see how much she has grown!



  1. 27th November 2013 / 1:26 pm

    I was so cheap with my son. I sorted hand-me-downs into bins and did the best I could to keep costs down, because he only ran through clothes and rattled the boxes. He loved the bows and paper of Christmas best. Now, he’s 6 and getting wise to these things.

    • 27th November 2013 / 9:56 pm

      Clothing I’m not going to buy before hand going to leave it until the January sales! Yeah I’ve been told by many people not to be surpised by my baby only loving the wrapping and not her actual presents. Yes I can imagine that by 6 he is more interested in the contents of the package rather than the wrapping ha!

  2. 27th November 2013 / 6:30 pm

    I shouldn’t like that John Lewis ad… but I do! It makes me feel very self-indulgent.

    You are so wise to be taking the attitude you are. My first few Christmases were like that. All clothes and equipment were second hand. I was a young mum too and didn’t have a big career and earnings and savings behind me. It’s a great gift you can give to your little one, to go into the future making sure you make good financial decisions AND also to have the confidence not to think that you *need* everything to be shiny, material and perfect.

    • 27th November 2013 / 10:00 pm

      Love the john Lewis advert I think it is absolutely brilliant! I agree though wandering round that shop is another world. I agree, I’ve always been very lucky and spoilt as such at birthdays and Christmases and hopefully when Amelia is older I will have the funds to get her what she wants

      • 28th November 2013 / 10:21 pm

        Things were tough for us when they were little. Sometimes I feel a bit bad about that, but sometimes my kids do mention that they have friends who are spoilt and I’m glad they appreciate the difference, and appreciate what they have.

        Luckily now they are older and I can work things are very different and I’m glad too that we can enjoy life as a family now.

  3. Baby gifts
    4th March 2014 / 5:42 pm

    We were the same at Christmas, leave all the buying toys to the friends and family and focus on more practical presents for the baby’s, god its expensive having twins 🙂
    It is also rewarding 🙂

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