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A weekend away…

Got that serious Sunday night feeling tonight of being ready for bed and sad that the weekend is over!

Amelia, my parents and myself went down to Cornwall to stay with some friends for the weekend. They have recently moved there into a new house in Liskeard, its a lovely upside-down country house. I live in Poole so Cornwall is about a 3 hour drive, we left Friday about 2pm and arrived just after 5pm which was so good. Amelia slept the entire car journey as I timed it so she had a feed right before we left so she was due when we arrived. But before we even get to the car journey my packing was disgraceful! I managed to forget a cardigan and a jumper for myself and pajamas but didn’t forget a single thing for Amelia. Now I’m not one to usually pack light but packing with a new baby takes over…I took so much stuff and all of it was everything I needed. Having being so used to just having it in the correct places at home I had forgotten how many things a baby needed.

The boot of the car looked as though we were moving in for the next few months!! 

image (18)

Car journey was absolutely fine and arrived to a home-cooked Chinese which was lovely. So nice to catch-up with close friends and be somewhere else for some time. They have a wood-burning fire inside which makes it feel even more chilled. Amelia slept absolutely fine in her travel cot and had her usual feeds which was really good, better than I was expecting.

image (19)

Saturday morning we went from Liskeard down to Mousehole which was just over an hour in the car. Our friends parents live there who we worked out I hadn’t see for ten years! They have an incredible house with an amazing sea view and looks into the idyllic town of Mousehole which is beautiful. The whole town were putting up the Christmas lights which get turned on on the 14th December at the famous lights on night. Amelia obviously went down well with everyone she met being the cute fairly well behaved baby. It was a sunny day so walking through the little village was so lovely.

image (8) image (9) image (10)

image (11) Made with Repix (http://repix.it) image (15)

This trip was technically Amelia’s first holiday so had to get some kind of memorabilia; ‘The Mousehole Cat’ is a story written by Antonia Barber set in the village of Mousehole so it only seemed right to get this book we were then shown by our friends the house where the Moushole Cat is set…

image (17)

After a lovely day in Mousehole we traveled back to Liskeard for dinner and a night in-front of the tv. Judge me if you will but I do enjoy Strictly Come Dancing a little bit of Xfactor and I’m a Celebrity! (Sorry!!) We left Sunday morning and made such good time getting home. Even though I’m a mum I’m still no good ¬†being a passenger in the car…especially the back get that horrid car sicky feeling the entire way which isn’t enjoyable but thankfully the journeys went fairly quick.

It was so so nice to get away for the weekend and catch up with friends. Nice to have some different scenery rather than my house and everyone gets on so well they are just like family. They absolutely love Amelia to pieces and gave me a little break as they were dying to hold her and play with her. I know Amelia is fairly well behaved but I was surprised she slept so well in a different environment; at least I know for the future she would be okay to sleep in a travel cot somewhere else. Now I’ve done it once I don’t need to be so worried about it.

Had an amazing weekend and ready for a good sleep in my own bed!




  1. 2nd December 2013 / 6:48 am

    What a beautiful weekend for it. There’s something so beautiful about a bracing day outside and then as the temperature drops, coming in to start up the stove.

    Sadly one of my children inherited the terrible car sickness that I have, similar to you. What delicate souls we all are!

  2. 7th December 2013 / 1:54 am

    Such pretty pics. The water looks incredible. Would have thought Winter is upon us at all. I love the souvenir u got aswell what a great idea to remember a trip. Xx #iheartsnapping

    • 7th December 2013 / 10:02 am

      Thanks it was so lovely down there never been before and will definitely be going again! X

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