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Adventuring at RSPB Arne - Getting Lost & Finding The Beach - alice & amelia
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Adventuring at RSPB Arne – Getting Lost & Finding The Beach

We had a little adventure to our local RSPB site and nature reserve, Arne. This is only about twenty minutes down the road from us. It’s somewhere I’m surprised we’ve not explore before. RSPB members park for free otherwise there is a small parking charge but otherwise the walks are avaliable to all.

Walking at Arne you are totally spoilt with heathland, forest and the beach all within a few miles of each other. We started our walk in the forest where Amelia had logs to climb on and tree’s to hide behind. You walk alongside a farm so we saw some cows and spotted various birds (not that we knew what they were). Amelia’s signature hat came out for it’s first outing of the year which means that Spring is here people.

We actually ended up taking a bit of a wrong turn into a huge bog which didn’t bode well for me in trainers, cue wet feet for the rest of the walk. Back on track we kept walking and made it down to the little strip of beach, Shipstal Beach. It took me a while to get my bearings but we were looking out onto Poole Harbour and a few little islands.

As you quite literally stumble across the beach the woodland and heathland practically spill onto the beach so it gives it a real wild beachy feel. We had a little pit stop at the beach whilst Amelia had a little snack to keep her going. She did some stomping about near the sea which was seriously sinking sand as I nearly lost one of Amelia’s boots to it. Then we walked along the rest of the beach to the little cut through that takes you out onto the heathland for a little bit. Amelia was flagging a bit at this point so she held the dog and we walked a little slower here.

There are a couple of route options but we stuck with the green route (RSPB map) to get us back to the carpark. There are a couple of high up view points at this point of the walk too. Amelia got a bit of energy back when we rejoined the woodland path (you end up walking back the way you came) at the promise of an icecream when we got to the cafe. She totally deserved it as I think the walk was between 3-4miles long which tires little legs!

I would definitely recommend Arne if your local for a walk as there are a few different routes to take and worth a look if you’ve never been before.

Thanks for reading!xx


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