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Amazon Fire HD6 Kids Edition Review - alice & amelia
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Amazon Fire HD6 Kids Edition Review

We have recently been testing out one of the Amazon Fire HD6 Kids Tablet and by we I mean Amelia with me being able to look over her shoulder every now and then!


First things first the Amazon Fire Kids Tablet is so secure and doesn’t have any ads or social media links. Children using it are walled in meaning they aren’t going to be viewing things that are inappropriate or clicking there way to who knows what. This is a really important thing as if Amelia is watching something on the iPad and an advert starts these aren’t always age appropriate and there are just so many of them it can be annoying.


The main home screen has four sections across the top for children to choose from; Books, Videos, Apps and Characters and a carousel of the most recently used apps.  Amelia straight away was so excited to get stuck in using her ‘pink tablet’ and began clicking through and recognising characters and things she wanted to go on. Within each section there is hundreds of books, movies, tv shows, educational apps and games with the Fire for Kids Unlimited which comes for 1 year with purchase of the tablet.


Amelia was quite overwhelmed/very excited with the tablet at first with characters she recognised from Disney and Nickelodeon  and those she didn’t that she wanted to check out. I do feel that within the sections there is a slight lacking of organisation with an episode from one programme at the top then others from the series randomly throughout. However, you can view all episodes from one season with just one click which we later found out after playing around with it.

I would actually really recommend a parent setting up the tablet and the child’s profile before they get their hands on it. Amelia didn’t give me a second to figure any of it out so things that I know now I could have figured out when we first got it. You will be able to get it organised and ready for the child to use with all the age appropriate apps and any time settings you might want on it. 


Within the child’s personalised profiles you are able to set educational goals, screen time limits and choose age-appropriate content. We haven’t actually got that far yet as I can still play the “whoops that needs charging” when Amelia’s been on it long enough and she’ll hand it over willingly but I think it’s a great idea. Screen time can be limited by content type; reading time can be unlimited while video and games having limits. As well as this educational goals can be set; Learn First & Bed Time features. Parents are able to block access to games and cartoons until educational goals have been met and specify when the Fire for Kids may be used. Again this isn’t something we’ve used yet but it would be brilliant for when Amelia’s older.My only complaint is that sometimes it can be a bit slow when loading and it has frozen once or twice but this like all tablets/iPads does happen and I didn’t find it happened enough for it to be a big problem and it was probably down to the wifi being used at the time!


The Amazon Fire HD6 Kids Edition tablet comes with a 2 year worry free guarantee; if they break it, return it and it’ll be replaced for free.  Little hands may not be so gentle all the time and I know that for sure with Amelia so this is a real added bonus. The tablets screen is made from Gorilla Glass meaning it’s super thick and the tablet comes with a Kid Proof case in either blue or pink. Although it does only feel like a thick foamy material it’s actually really sturdy; Amelia has dropped the tablet once and it bounced stopping it from landing hard which was a real life saver.

Some of Amelia’s favourite things to watch on the tablet are; The Gruffalo, Tumble Leaf, Dino Dan, Dora the Explorer and 64 Zoo Lane.

Some of Amelia’s favourite apps to use;  Disney Puzzle Packs*  Peppa Pig, Doc McStuffins Color Play, Disney Appisodes, Elmo ABC’s, ABC Trains and First Numbers.

*Disney Puzzle Packs – this is my favourite too with different Disney characters to choose from then some basic games such as pairs, spot the difference and puzzles it’s a section of really nice games that she can play with her favourite characters.

Some of Amelia’s favourite Books to be read; Barney’s sing along songs, Dora the Explorer, Princess Stories and the Little Miss series.


Overall the tablet is excellent with bright colours and clear text for children to see and plenty for them to do I would really recommend the tablet when looking for something for pre-school children. You can read more and purchase one from www.Amazon.co.uk

Thanks for reading!xx




*We were sent this product for the purpose of an honest review however all opinions are my own. 



  1. 4th May 2016 / 11:29 am

    This is something I am looking for I want a tablet for my 3 1/2 year old and we are in the middle of doing some research. Someone has mentioned this tablet to me. I am looking for something that is easy to use and has big buttons. I was also looking at the leap pad and innotab.

  2. 4th May 2016 / 8:51 pm

    Great review on the tablet sound like its perfect for the preschoolers I am guna take a look at them for Bella and Lottie! xx

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