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Amelia’s 3rd Birthday

Wow, I honestly cannot believe my baby girl is three years old! Where on earth have those years gone. Everyone tells you it goes really quick and they grow up so fast but it is honestly so true. I am now the mother of a three year old which just doesn’t seem right.

We had such a lovely time celebrating Amelia turning three with a day at Peppa Pig world just before her birthday and then a really nice chilled day at home on her actual birthday.

Amelia woke up early and came in with me for a cuddle, me hoping she would go back to sleep for a little bit but she whispered “Mummy I’m excited because it’s my birthday”. It’s the first birthday that she’s been aware of and for weeks she’s been asking about it so when it finally came to the day it was really special to see her. I managed to get her to have some breakfast before letting her into the lounge to see the little birthday set up I put together.


She was so excited to see her presents and balloons and straight away went for the big present and started ripping off the paper. Amelia was so lovely with all of her presents playing with each one as she opened it and saying thank you each time. We spent the rest of the morning playing with her toys and just enjoying not being in a rush for anything as the last couple of weeks have been pretty manic!


We headed out just after lunch time to Upton Country Park for a nice walk in the woods. I had just bought Amelia a number 3 balloon which I was hoping to get some birthday photos with but it actually came undone from the weight and slowly drifted off into the sky. Amelia was so sad and it was actually quite heartbreaking to watch it fly off. We went straight for ice cream instead and Amelia had herself her favourite; mint choc chip of course because every birthday has to be celebrated with ice cream.


After our ice cream we went for a walk in the woods. Amelia loves being outside so was happy collecting sticks, running around and jumping over giant stepping stones. It was such a gorgeously sunny summer day so we had to make the most of it.




We then came home and Amelia had a couple more presents to open which she was super excited about. After dinner we celebrated with cake in the garden and I managed to get some lovely photos of Amelia with her cake to replace the ones I was going to get with the birthday balloon. Amelia was so excited watching the number 3 candle sparkler and couldn’t help herself put eat a tonne of frosting whilst I was taking photos. I’m pretty certain Amelia thinks cake is frosting, oh well your only  3 once!




Amelia then stayed up a bit later than normal getting in some time with her new tablet. When I was tucking her into bed she asked if we could do her birthday again tomorrow, she only has to wait a few more days until a little party with her friends so not too long Amelia!




It was the perfect day to celebrate Amelia’s birthday and I really can’t believe she’s 3 years old. To think that she was only a few days old this time three years ago is madness. So pleased I’ve got all these photos and blog posts to remember all the special moments, days out and both the little and the big things that have happened over the last three years.

Thanks for reading!xx





  1. Chantal Milk&Nappies
    17th August 2016 / 7:52 pm

    It sounds like she had the perfect birthday! That cake looks absolutely delicious, and the photos are just gorgeous! xx

  2. Lisa - Its a Blogs Life
    20th August 2016 / 3:43 pm

    Happy belated 3rd Birthday Amelia. It only seems a few months ago I was reading about her last Birthday party on the beach! Time flies x

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