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Amelia’s Birthday Party; Rainbow Pom Poms

To carry on Amelia’s 3rd Birthday celebrations we had a little birthday party with her closest friends. We had to postpone the party due to bad weather but I’m so pleased we did as it was such a lovely afternoon in the sunshine and Amelia had the best time.

I decided to keep it fairly low key and didn’t really have much of a theme to the party but as I got bits together it ended up being bright colours and pom poms which looked soo cool on the cake and cupcakes! I managed to get paper plates, cups, party hats and napkins from Sainsburys in the rainbow stripes and spots and a really lovely Happy Birthday banner. Going with the bright colours worked so well as everything matched and looked all happy and summery.




Food wise I got some crisps, fruit, breadsticks and popcorn and popped them in some bowls. I baked brownies and cupcakes, dipped marshmallows in chocolate and sprinkles and filled some glass jars and bottles with chocolate treats and sweets. I kept it all fairly simple but things can look effective with some simple changes; the marshmallows looked really cool but they were so simple to do. With the cupcakes instead of mixing the food colouring into the butter icing I left it swirled so it gave a marbled effect when piped on. I then used mini cocktail sticks and pushed on some pom poms to add to the decoration.


The cake was very similar to the one I made for her actual birthday but I loved the design so much I wanted to do it again. But I added pom poms on skewers poking out of the cake at different heights; super simple but it looked really fun! I used my trusted birthday cake recipe that works every time which you can check out here.



Thankfully the weather was sunny so I got the garden all set up; I’ve been keeping all the bunting and bits for the last couple of years and it’s so handy as it made the garden look so pretty. I got these Confetti balloons which are filled with bits of tissue that we hung from a tree. This looked so magical and Amelia loved sitting underneath the balloons.


I filled the garden with all the garden toys for the girls to play with and filled up the paddling pool. It was Amelia’s idea to fill up her playhouse with balls and balloons but it made the garden even more fun. It was the perfect setting with flags, balloons, the sun shining and a very excited little girl ready for her friends to arrive.


The afternoon was filled with splashing in the water, bouncing on the trampoline and loads of laughs! Everyone tucked into food and then we had a game of pass the parcel which everyone enjoyed.




I got the sprinkler out and this was probably the best bit of the party all the girls running around screaming and having so much fun in and out of the water.



Before I knew it the afternoon was nearly over so we did Amelia’s birthday cake and got a little more playing in before everyone went home. Amelia loved her cake and I always love watching her blow out the candles.




The afternoon ended with Amelia and her friend Amber ambushing myself and Amber’s Mum and initiating a huge water fight leaving me absolutely soaked!! In Amelia’s eyes the perfect end to the best afternoon.


I can’t believe Amelia’s birthday is over for another year and I have a 3 year old!!


Thanks for reading!xx



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  1. Emily and Indiana
    30th August 2016 / 9:54 am

    I love the rainbow theme, perfect for a summer party! I’m so jealous of your garden, it is definitely perfect for a party, and looks like the little ones all had so much fun xx

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