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Amelia's Christmas Box! - alice & amelia
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Amelia’s Christmas Box!

Last year I discovered the idea of the Christmas Eve box or other similar ideas and I loved it. Although this year isn’t Amelia’s first Christmas last year she was only 4 months old so it really had no affect on her at all so this is the first proper year of starting little traditions and such!

I went with the idea of the Christmas Eve box contents but decided she would get it on the first of December so she gets use of the things inside the box!

I haven’t gone mad just a few little bits to help kick off the festive season.

So inside there is:

  • An advent calendar- yes to some of your horror a chocolate advent calendar!!!! I personally don’t see anything wrong with Amelia having one chocolate a day and went with a Milkybar one as she likes the little white chocolate buttons. I am a pretty creative person so I think in the future I would make one not involving chocolate or treats but maybe when Amelia’s a bit older and can appreciate all the hard work behind it.

image2 (3)

  • Festive Pjs- the pyjamas were from Sainsburys they are super cute with the fair-isle legging print and I love that they come with matching socks. I’m pretty certain these will be a hit as Amelia is a huge Peppa fan!

image7 (2)

  • Christmas books- I already have a few winter books and some of my Christmas books from when I was a child but got these two that are a bit more Amelia friendly. The nativity is a lift the flap book, it will be a really nice way to introduce the nativity story to Amelia in an exciting way. Another Peppa Pig feature; Christmas board book. And I couldn’t get a Monty the penguin from John Lewis so settled for the story as she got the bear and the hare story from last years John Lewis ad!


image4 (1)

  • Christmas films- I’m sure there will be a tonne of Christmas films on in the next few weeks but saw these in Lidl for £2.99 each and couldn’t say no. Amelia really loves Curious George and I’m not afraid to say I do too so I think we will both really enjoy this film and I got the Smurfs as I thought Amelia might enjoy it!


  • Christmas jumper- a must have for everyone! This one is from H&M and I love that it’s more of a sweatshirt with the soft reindeer face on it. And only £5.99!

image8 (1)

  • Antlers- it is unlikely that Amelia will keep these reindeer antlers on but its a novelty fun item that she can keep for the next few years.


  • Soft toy- really soft and cuddly reindeer toy! Amelia’s not that into soft toys but he’s fun as he is festive and another cheap addition to the box!


  • Craft- I picked this sow your own decorations craft up from Wilkinsons for £1. They have loads of different ones which is great. We love crafts so this will be fun to do!


There is also a list of things to do over the Christmas period including; visiting Father Christmas, other crafts and messy play ideas I’ve gotten from Pinterest, events we want to go too and fun days out. This list is mainly for me but it will be nice to tick them off!

I really love this idea and you can completely do it however you want; spending as little or as much as you want too. I probably would have bought most of these bits in the next few weeks anyway so why not get them before hand and make up a little pre Christmas present.

I also love that you can adapt the boxes as children grow up and interests change. I think as Amelia gets a bit older (possibly next year) I would include the Elf of the Shelf idea maybe “bringing” the box to Amelia on December 1st. I think she is too small for this idea this Christmas but it is something I definitely want to do.

Have you done this or something similar for your children? Would love to hear what you have included!

image1 (1)

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Mummy's Blog
    25th November 2014 / 9:54 pm

    I love this idea, I had thought of doing Christmas Eve boxes when my little one is a bit older, but I prefer the idea of giving it on the 1st – it adds to the build up and excitement I think. Don’t worry about the chocolate police – a little square of chocolate a day isn’t going to do any harm x

    • 26th November 2014 / 8:31 am

      Yeh it definitely does. Adds to the whole count down process! Haha choolate police! X

  2. 25th November 2014 / 9:20 pm

    were doing a Christmas Eve box, I love the idea of giving it on the first of December though! Indiana was only 4 weeks old last Christmas so I can’t wait to actually do things this year, will keep an eye out for your crafts for ideas haha xx ps I love curious George too haha x

    • 26th November 2014 / 8:33 am

      I was just worried she wouldnt get as much use of the bits as christmas eve were always soo busy! I know even though A was four months its too small to do fun sfuff. Haha im sure you will see them on twitter or instagram 🙂 glad I’m not the only George lover lol xx

  3. 26th November 2014 / 3:52 pm

    Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! x

  4. kiddyreviews
    26th November 2014 / 6:54 pm

    I absolutely love this! I have got A lots of Christmas goodies but the idea of putting it in a hamper and giving it to him on the 1st of Dec is a lovely tradition that I think I will do too! Thanks for sharing xx

    • 26th November 2014 / 7:05 pm

      thats exactly what i thought! Put all the bits you would buy anyway together and make it a fun little tradition. Glad to have helped!:) x

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  6. Gina Warth
    14th September 2015 / 4:54 am

    I would love to buy the reindeer sweatshirt from you and possibly the peppa pjs if you have them and would be willing to ship to the US.

    • AliceElizabeth;94
      16th September 2015 / 8:14 am

      Thanks for your interest but the pyjamas actually still fit Amelia!

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