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Amelia's Christmas Party - alice & amelia
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Amelia’s Christmas Party

You know me; any excuse for a party to put on a spread and what better time to do that than at Christmas! I thought it would be a nice way to get together with some of Amelia’s friends for the festive season.

We ended up with ten three and four year old’s which might not sound like many but in one house that was plenty! It was a really nice mix of children who all played lovely together. I feel like at this age they look for a bit of structure so I had a few activities lined up. I set up a little decorate a gingerbread man station, had prizes for a couple of games and of course plenty of time to eat!

After all the arrivals the kids went straight to decorating/eating gingerbread men. I’m really pleased I did this as it was so easy to set up. I made the gingerbread men then got lots of sprinkles, sweets and icing tubes to decorate them. The children all got stuck right in, they seemed to really enjoy this.

Food wise I got plenty of buffet/snack bits like crisps, sausage rolls, bread sticks, popcorn, fruit and such but I cooked pizza, chicken goujons and Christmas potato shapes to have warm so there was plenty for everyone to enjoy. I loved finding some Christmas themed snacks in the shops to make it extra festive, Cadbury Christmas biscuits, Treeslet crisps, candy canes and chocolate coins.

My favourite bit of organising food for a party has to be the sweet as I love baking the treats. I went for some Christmas themed cupcakes, Christmas Tree Brownies recipe can be found here, Christmas Cookies and marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

The lights on the wall behind the table are from The Frame Gallery who have a lovely selection of Christmas decor. The hanging honeycomb Snowman and Father Christmas are from TIGER. The table came together really nicely and looked fab. The party-ware came from Party Pieces who have a huge range of Christmas party bits and I loved the simple red and white theme that ended up running across the table.

The mini honeycomb Snowmen and Father Christmas’ on the table came from Party Bags and Supplies as did the Snowflake hanging strings; these were so lovely and all the children loved running through these even if they did get tangled up and drive me a touch crazy! We also got some fab party bags from there too; they come pre-filled which takes away loads of the stress of finding bits to go in them. There is a variety of party bags to choose from on the website which are great for kids Christmas parties.

After the children and adults had all finished eating we did some dancing and played musical statues and bumps which I’ve learned Amelia is not very good at bless her. After that there was just some playing and snacking going on before everyone headed off home!

It was a lovely couple of hours and Amelia came up to me after everyone left and said “Thanks for having all my friends over for a party mama, I love you” which literally made all the getting organised and putting together worth it. Christmas is such a magical┬átime of the year and being able to make it extra special for her is amazing.

Thanks for reading!xx


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