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Autumn Scented Playdough - 5 Recipes! - alice & amelia
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Autumn Scented Playdough – 5 Recipes!

Autumn is such an incredible season so I thought I would capture some of my favourite Autumnal scents and make some Autumn Scented Playdough.

The recipe for the playdough is so simple requires no cooking and uses ingredients you probably already have in your cupboards.

NOTE: It isn’t included on the recipe but if you have cream of tartar or can get some I would recommend using it in your playdough. It isn’t actually totally necessary and you can make the playdough without it,  it just seems to change the texture slightly for scientific reasons I’m unsure of. So if you can get cream of tartar add a tablespoon to your playdough, I get the sachets and add half a sachet to a playdough.



The basic recipe for all of these doughs are the same your going to combine everything together in a bowl and mix! The recipe is no cook as I use kettle boiled water so saves you stirring it over heat. I would recommend adding your food colouring at the same time as the water so that it spreads evenly but you could do it at the end and work in in by hand and get more of a marbled colour effect.

Autumn Spice Scented Playdough; 

I went for Cinnamon, Ginger and Nutmeg spiced playdough and literally used ground spice which works really nicely. I chose colours that were Autumnal and similar to the spice colour just to stick with the theme. I always use the Wilton Food Colouring Gels which are so worth while getting for baking and playdough, you only need a tiny drop to give a really strong colour.

Chocolate Playdough;

This was really fun to make as it actually smells just like chocolate and I did have to remind Amelia not to eat it!! You will need a little extra water in this one as the cocoa powder does dry it out a bit more so add the water a bit at a time and see how it comes together. If it’s still looking dry try adding a bit more oil to soften it back up. This one didn’t need any food colouring as the cocoa powder did enough.

Vanilla Playdough;

This one actually turned out to be my favourite; I love the smell of vanilla although it’s quite intense it’s really therapeutic to play with. I decide to use vanilla pods and scrape out the vanilla as it meant not adding any more liquid to the dough and it gave it the little black dots through the dough which looked really cool. But you could use vanilla essence a little at a time and try a touch less water.




I’m a huge fan of playdough and think it is just a brilliant activity for children. It offers so much from open ended play, creativity, fine motor skills and thinking depending on the type of activity you provide. Even just a lump of playdough and fingers is enough but I love jazzing it up a little like this.

So there we have Autumn Scented Playdough in 5 different flavours ready to be used for all your Autumn Craft activities; keep an eye out for activity ideas I’ll be sharing over the next week.

Thanks for reading!xx



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