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Baked In – Gingerbread Cake

If like me your done with Christmas but still happy to cling on to some of those lovely Christmas inspired flavours then you’ll definitely want to keep reading for this Gingerbread Cake with Cinnamon Icing recipe!


We received this fab baking kit from BakedIn just before Christmas but already had way too many treats in the house so it was the perfect afternoon activity for Amelia last week.

A Baking Collage

The bags are numbered in order which is amazing, Amelia could get them in order and get the number whenever I said which one was next. All I needed to do was snip the corner and let her tip in the contents.

A Baking Collage 2

Amelia got stuck in mixing and spooning the mix into the tin but like every time we bake was keen for a little taste test!


Whilst the cake was in the oven Amelia helped make the icing but for the melted chocolate decorations I did without Amelia’s help as I think she’s still too little to be around hot food. She was super pleased when she saw the ‘A’ for Amelia on the top.


We obviously had to try a slice straight away and the Gingerbread Cake tasted delicious! 

The Baked In recipes are unique recipes approved by Michael Roux so you know they are going to be good. They are fab as you know everything that’s going into them and there is no waste. I love baking with Amelia but this is great for saving time weighing things out or is perfect if you aren’t a huge baker and don’t have any baking supplies. You only need to add fresh ingredients like eggs and butter. Not only are the ingredients included but sometimes baking tins, baking paper and other extras depending on the bake.

There are some packs available on the Bake Shop or you could join the Baking Club where you get a baking kit just like this one once a month straight through your letter box!


The Baked In Kits are a great way to get children baking in the kitchen.

Thanks for reading!xx



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