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Baker Ross Christmas Crafts - alice & amelia
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Baker Ross Christmas Crafts

Christmas is right around the corner and I’m so excited to get nice and festive and what better way to it than with some crafts from Baker Ross Christmas collection. . Myself and Amelia have enjoyed a great selection of Christmas crafts from there.

The thing I love about Baker Ross craft kits is that you could have no other craft supplies at home other than some glue and scissors you are able to create a fab craft that comes with everything you need!

First up from our Baker Ross Christmas crafts we made these Frozen inspired Snowflake Magic Wands. They come in assorted colours with foam snowflakes and sequins to stick on and ribbon to decorate. Amelia although a bit over the top with the glue loved sticking the sequins on. She loves these and has been running around turning everyone into frogs shouting Abracadabra!

Wands Collage Snowflake Wands Collage

Amelia’s favourite was probably making the Penguin Gift Bags. You get all the supplies you need to make 4 gift bags complete with foam penguins with either hats or ear muffs on. Most of the foam in this pack is just peel back sticky making it super easy for little hands! Amelia loved making these, doing all the sticking and they will be a really nice home made addition to some little gifts Amelia can give this year.

Penguin Bagcollage

The Christmas Owl Sequin Decorations weren’t quite as easy for Amelia to join in with as it was a bit too fiddly for her to pin the sequins in place so whilst I did that Amelia cracked on with sticking on the pieces of the owl and making him look nice and festive with a hat and candy cane!


The Snowman Mosaic Coaster Kits are great for colour sorting and matching. Again with sticky back foam it was nice and easy for Amelia to stick on the little foam pieces in the right place and making some super festive coasters for our Christmas mugs to sit on this year.

Snowman Collage

Finally from our Baker Ross Christmas crafts was probably my favourite out of all of them was the Reindeer Handprint Crown Kits . I love that it involves hand prints and ends up with these super cute reindeer head bands! Amelia even had a go at drawing round my hand and got stuck in sticking on the stickers. She was pretty chuffed with the finished product,  plus she looks super cute with it on. I think we will make the rest of these and make the family wear them for Christmas!

Reindeer Collage 20151129_114822000_iOS

If you’ve got slightly older children these crafts from Baker Ross amongst a whole host of others available on their website would be great.

Christmas Stocking Sowing Kit

Christmas Pom Pom Decoration Kits

Older Children Crafts Collage

If your after some really reasonably priced craft kits then Baker Ross is definitely somewhere to look coming with all the supplies you need to make some lovely Christmassy decorations or crafts!

As you can see Amelia’s taking on the blogging gene and I spotted her laying her snowflake wands down and snapping a photo on my camera!


Thanks for reading!xx



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