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Baker Ross Valentine’s Crafts

For me it’s any excuse to craft and I love a themed craft so today, Valentine’s Crafts.  We got these lovely craft bits from Baker Ross. If your not much of a crafter this website will be a godsend for you. You literally just need the kit itself and  sometimes a few little extras like colouring pencils and glue.


First up as the Heart Bead Decoration KitI thought this one would be to difficult for Amelia but I was wrong, we started off sorting the beads into colours which is such a good exercise for little ones. Then Amelia threaded the beads onto the pipe cleaner, which Amelia was really good at. It took a lot of concentration so she only managed to do one and then we came back to them another time and did another but I was really impressed.

Valentines Beads Collage

Then you simply bend the pipe cleaners into a heart shape and tie the ribbon around. They are a really sweet little decoration and something that’s great for children of all ages as the could do a repeating pattern to make it more difficult!


A nice easy one is the  Heart Colour In Mini Gift Bags. Simply colour them in with any design you like. For Amelia she’s only really just learning to colour in the lines so a lot of it is just scribbling but they still turned out great.

Valentines Colouring Collage

They would be a really sweet idea to fill with chocolate or a little treat to give to little friends for Valentine’s. 


Our final Baker Ross craft is the Heart Pets Photo Frame Magnet Kits. Amelia loves be able to get involved and stick the things in place. The foam self adhesive so you just peel off the back and stick it down then peel off the wiggly eyes and attach the magnetic strip to the back.

Valentines Magnets Collage

You can take the middle out and put in a photo of your little one. I need to get some printed of Amelia and stick them in as they look so sweet on the fridge! Another cute gift idea.


So if your after some super easy crafts that come all packed up and ready to go for a great price make sure to check out Baker Ross. They have lots I haven’t even mentioned for all ages and interests.

What crafts do your children like doing?

Thanks for reading!xx



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  1. 28th January 2016 / 8:49 pm

    Aww! These are lovely craft kits…..We had some different one’s to do. It’s great to see what other things they offer x

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