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Be At One in Bournemouth Cocktail Bar Launch Evening!

Last week I was invited to the Be at One cocktail bar launch in Bournemouth. I took a friend and met Amy and we headed off for a fun evening. It was a nice midweek treat and an excuse to get dressed up and a have a few drinks.

We were invited down for a cocktail masterclass and I am a huge fan of a cocktail so I was very excited to get involved. As soon as we arrived we got ourselves a drink and got a chance to settle into the space and have a good look around. They’ve really transformed the building from what used to be a few nightclubs into a really nice bar that I would definitely want to spend time in.

Usually with your masterclass you get stuck in and do the making yourself but as this was a press evening expert bartender Ricardo came down from London to run our class. He was full of information about the cocktails and the bar which was so interesting. We went through all the main spirits and tried three or four cocktails of each, don’t worry just sips. It was great to try things that I wouldn’t usually order and drinks that I’ve never tried before and some that I won’t again…whisky!!

Be At One In Bournemouth

In between all that the vibe in the bar was great, it had a really cool atmosphere. We were taught the proper way to do a shot and they whole drinks/cocktail making experience was loads of fun full of little tricks along the way. I spent most of my night sipping at various drinks and apparently taking selfies as I was caught out here.

Be At One In Bournemouth

Be At One opened their first bar back in 1998 and they now have over 30 bars and are ever expanding. They serve over 140 cocktails from classics to new modern twists so there really is a drink for everyone on the menu!

It was a brilliant evening and I’m super pleased we have a Be At One in Bournemouth! I’ll definitely be back.

Thanks for reading!xx


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