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Camp Bestival 2017 Saturday – More Rain, Dingly Dell and Mister Maker!

It was the second day of Camp Bestival 2017 if you want to read about the first post before this one then take a look here.  We were up quite early to get to the site for mid morning so that we could see a couple of Amelia’s faves.

I got there in time for a brunch with Dorset Cereals. They had the coolest stand set up where you could select your choice of cereal, what you wanted to have it with and an optional topping. They had a huge array of their cereals available to try; they’ve been making cereals for 27 years and their recipes are now super tasty, full of goodness with so much variety. It was such a nice contrast to be able to have something like that for breakfast whilst at a festival. I went for the granola with yogurt and an apricot compote which was delicious and set me up right for the day.

We watched the last half of Mr Tumble’s set on the Castle Stage; he always puts on such a good show for the kids and it’s great for them to be able to join in with familiar songs and have a good dance around. We then went to the Big Top tent where Mister Maker was doing another show- he had opened the Castle Stage Saturday morning. This was great as we were able to set our blanket down and munch on our lunch whilst enjoying his show. Again really interactive for children and Amelia really loved this.

When we came out of the Big Top Tent the rain had started; I’d prepared Amelia for this and had her in her puddle suit, a must have for little people at a muddy/rainy festival. To be honest I could have done with one for myself! We set off for the Dingly Dell hoping it would be a little undercover. Within the Dingly Dell you have Lizzies Way which is one of my favourite parts of Camp Bestival. Set within the Dingly Dell it is a secret woodland wonderland made for kids. Complete with mud kitchens, potion making, digging, dressing up, puppet theatres and wish making it is such a fantastic space for children to let their imaginations take over.

Amelia wished for a unicorn and then was straight in there making potions. She didn’t fancy the mud kitchen which I have to say I wasn’t toooo bothered about as it was very muddy. The wooden puppets and dressing up are always good fun and it’s a space that you can spend lots of time for little ones. Amelia insisted on going into play area even in the pouring rain and went down the slide and practically flew off it due to the rain into the mud. She was a bit grumpy after this but we headed off to the blogger meet up to say hello to some friendly faces. It’s always nice to catch up with the Camp Bestival team!

The rain was pouring by late afternoon and it didn’t show any signs of stopping so we gave in and went home for hot baths. There is so much more we wanted to do but in the rain it felt like we had to keep moving from A-B rather than just mooching and enjoying the atmosphere.

But the forecast was looking brighter for the final day so we thought it was best to get home and rest up for the next day.

Thanks for reading!xx


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