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Camp Bestival - Friday - alice & amelia
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Camp Bestival – Friday

Welcome to Day 1 of Camp Bestival!

As much as I had an idea of what to expect I always get quite apprehensive about big events, I like to get there an suss everything out, find my bearings and  get into the excitement.

We set off to arrive for lunch time on Friday as it’s only around a 30 minutes from us and like I’ve said previously we decided against camping this year.


The entire of Lulworth was full of sign posts and directions to parking so it was easy to find and get parked. The view from the carpark got me so excited as you could see all the tents and hear the festival music already. The walk from the car park, through the camp site was slightly longer than we expected but thankfully Amelia was in the buggy, which was much needed for the entire weekend as there was so much walking.


You could feel the festival buzz as you got closer which gets me so excited! Even from looking at photo’s of previous years Camp Bestival was much bigger than I had expected and even now I still cannot get over how much their is for children to do there.


We spent most of the Friday walking around and taking in our surroundings. A lot of this time Amelia was in the pram as I was quite paranoid that even though she had reins on that she would run off. She also wasn’t too keen on the huge crowds of people when she was walking so it made the walking from A to B pretty slow. We found the soft play tent and let Amelia have a good play. It was like a greenhouse in this tent and Amelia was so sweaty by the end of her play.




It’s quite a hard location to describe but I would say there were 4 different “sections” if you like of Camp Bestival. Number 1 when you first enter is The Magic Meadow which has the Bollywood Tent and the Big Top tent and a tonne of other things. This area was probably the most spaced out but there was always something good going on whether it be going to a pretend wedding in an inflatable church or having a good time watching the Blue Coats. There is also an entrance to the Dingly Dell from this field.  This is full of more things for children to do. The walk through Lizzie’s way has little tents and a puppet theatre to play in then there are mud kitchens which we avoided as Amelia was in white!! Number 2 is the Castle Field. This is set right in front of the castle and has the main stage (Castle Stage) This area was always pretty rammed with people waiting to see acts and wasn’t that great for Amelia. One of my biggest criticisms of the festival was the main stage. It only had one big screen right next to it and when we were watching Mr Tumble and a few other things Amelia definitely would have been more interested had she been able to see this. They could do with setting one slightly further back or something. As you can’t exactly set up camp for the front row of the stage with a one year old!





The next section of Camp Bestival is Lower Kids Garden that then feeds onto the fourth section of Camp Bestival the upper kids Garden which is behind the castle. It is basically one big loop of festival fun. The lower kids garden had a few other tents for performances and acts, lots of food stalls, a carousel, sand pit, soft play and helter skeleter among loads of other things. I really loved it in this part. There was always happy children running around, bubbles in the sky and the tune of the carousel in the back ground.


The Upper Kids Garden was always pretty hectic as there was bouncy castles, another toddler play area, the kids circus tent where they can learn to ride unicycles, juggle and all sorts of other crazy stuff. This area had the Farmer’s market and some other fab food stands and we also found the Jam Jar Bar. Who doesn’t want to drink cocktails out of a jam jar whilst listening to music in the sunshine!



Day 1 of Camp Bestival was such a great start to the weekend and we got in a fairly early night so we could get there early Saturday to enjoy  a full day of fun!

Thanks for reading!xx





  1. 14th August 2015 / 1:52 pm

    Sounds like you managed to pack in loads on your first day!

  2. 14th August 2015 / 2:22 pm

    I love your photos and it sounds like you had such a great time, even just on the first day! There must be so much to see and nice to see the sun was shining too! xx

  3. 14th August 2015 / 2:27 pm

    Sounds like a lovely first day, and those cocktails just look lovely!! 🙂 Looking forward to reading more xx

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