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Camp Bestival -Saturday - alice & amelia
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Camp Bestival -Saturday

Saturday after a good nights sleep to recover from Day 1  of Camp Bestival we set off a little earlier than Friday in the hope of seeing some of the Cat in the Hat performance and to be there for Mr Tumble!

We were so lucky with the weather it was so sunny and hot all weekend which just gave it that extra festival feel. It did however leave us all a bit pink shouldered!

We headed straight to watch some Cat in the Hat but unfortunately we just weren’t close enough for Amelia’s attention to be kept which was such a shame as had we been I think she really would’ve enjoyed it.

DAY3_castle stage, cat in the hat_CSM_0031

We took this opportunity to go on the carousel as we thought a lot of the children would be sat at the main stage. This was Amelia’s first time on a carousel and we sat in the little carriage together and she loved it so much so my Dad had to run to pay the ticket lady a second time as Amelia didn’t want to get off!

CAmp Bestival Carousel


We ended up getting completely caught up in the middle of a ho down in the Barn bar which Amelia loved. She had a dance about and then we had a little play in the sand pit. Today we took a picnic lunch and set up a little spot on the grass by the main stage to watch Mr Tumble. Again unfortunately unless your camped out from super early in the morning you just are not close enough to hear/see. They really could do with getting another big screen set further back as he had such a big crowd but as we were so far back I couldn’t keep Amelia’s attention long enough. Maybe when she’s older she will understand a bit more or if there was something she would really enjoy hopefully she would be patient enough to wait closer to the stage before it started. What we did watch of Mr Tumble was great lots of interactive songs and he had a huge crowd singing along.

DAY3_castle stage, mr tumble_CSM_0141

DAY3_castle stage, mr tumble_CSM_0249

Heading away from the busy main stage armed with Milkshakes we went for a little walk about and ended up catching the end of the Big Fish Little Fish children’s disco. Of course Amelia loved dancing about and had to be right up the front where the music was loudest and she could leap about like a crazy child! We also caught the end of The Steelers who covered loads of modern music on steel drums. Again Amelia was right up the front rocking out to Clean Bandit and Taylor Swift Shake it Off! They were brilliant and really got you in a good mood.

Camp Bestival Milkshake Collage


You could spend your entire day just walking about taking in the sights and looking at the other people. We did a lot of this trying to get Amelia off for a nap as she was shattered. We watched a lot of the Blue Coats in this time who are just hilarious and nearly ended up in a pretend wedding an inflatable church like you do!

SAturday scenery collage


Amelia finally nodded off after a lot of walking so we took the opportunity to get a cheeky drink in peace. We tried out the Day of the Dead Bar which is so cool! I had a delicious frozen strawberry daiquiri in the sunshine. Something felt so good about looking up at the blue sky, drink in hand and seeing all the festival flags. The vibe at Camp Bestival was just so good especially today (Saturday) everyone was in a great mood and it really makes the festival.




It was really hot this afternoon so we desperately tried to seek for some shade and ended up in the Upper Magic Gardens. It get’s pretty hectic up there with kids hula hooping and leaping around learning circus skills but we weaved our way through and let Amelia have a play in another toddler play area. This was different to the soft play and was more toys and books and thankfully was in the shade. After a day and a half of looking at all the food stalls we couldn’t resist it any longer and decided to get dinner. There is so so much choice and if you were eating there all weekend you could easily not eat anywhere twice or get to everywhere once. I went for the Pad Thai, my Mum and Amelia shared a pizza and my Dad got this like Surf and Turf burger with wedges- YUM!


Food Collage

My parents went and listened to some music on the main stage whilst myself and Amelia chilled out in the upper gardens just watching the circus of the lost souls eating a ginger bread bear and drinking a hot chocolate. It was really nice being their for the sundown time. You see the festival in a whole different way with the light just shining over the tents and we finished our Saturday with a sunset ride on the carousel, just the once this time!


Saturday evening collage

Another absolutely amazing day! A lot of walking, definitely a buggy or like everyone who camped seem to have a wagon to stash your kids in is needed as it’s too much for their little legs! A lot of sunshine, we definitely lathered on the sun cream a bit heavier the next day and a lot of fun.


Thanks for reading and hope your being tempted to attend next year!





  1. 17th August 2015 / 12:14 pm

    I really want to go now! It sounds like so much fun and something the whole family could enjoy. X

  2. Suz
    18th August 2015 / 7:15 am

    Aww what a wonderful day you had, was a shame you didn’t get close enough but there’s always next year! Great photos and fab memories to take away with you! A looks like she had a blast! Suz x beauisblue.com

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