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Camp Bestival- Sunday

After our super long Saturday at Camp Bestival we were pretty tired Sunday morning so decided to head down at lunch time to spend a full afternoon there. I was festival ready for the last day but with my shoulders covered after getting a little burnt on Saturday!

Sunday’s atmosphere was much more chilled out as people’s tiredness caught up with them, I saw a lot more sleeping children in their wagons being carted round and even some parents asleep on the grass! We arrived in time to eat our picnic on the grass by the main stage and listen to Ella Henderson. Such a good singer and great music to get us in the mood for our last day of the festival.




Our afternoon was pretty chilled out with walking about the festival dipping in and out of different things going on in the tents, listening to music and Amelia burning some energy off in the soft play tent. Although it was like a greenhouse in there I was so grateful for this tent as it meant Amelia could run free and be crazy.

DAY4_atmos, lower kids garden_CF1_5763


We wanted to see the Horses Impossible show as I thought Amelia would love this. My parents sat down to save us some front row seats whilst me and Amelia headed back to the Bollywood Tent to catch the end of one of the Children’s Discos. This disco was a bit more involved with lots of competitions and tasks for the children to get stuck into but Amelia was more than happy just leaping around and of course being as close to the front as she could. Just before the horse show started we headed back over and armed Amelia with an ice cream to keep her patient for the last little wait. She was so excited by the horses and happily watched the entire show for the full half hour. It was full of lots of exciting tricks from the riders and the horses. Camp Bestival really has everything covered!


Horse Show Collage

It was our favourite time of the day- cocktail timeeeeee! This had become sort of routine to enjoy our afternoon cocktail at around 4pm! We wanted to go to the bar in the Caravanserai area which is so cool full of opened out caravans and waltzers turned into tables but it was so busy in there so we headed back to the Day of the Dead Bar and actually enjoyed the same drinks again!



After this we went back to the main stage so my parents could hear a bit of Soul II Soul  who according to them look and sound the same. Amelia didn’t sit still for long so we did some running about up and down the castle steps and loops around the castle.  The moments she did sit still though just finished the afternoon off perfectly. Sunshine, music and family!



We popped home for a quick bite to eat left my Dad at home (he had work super early the next morning) and myself, Mum and Amelia drove back to Camp Bestival to enjoy the last night and watch the fireworks that I had heard so many great things about and boy did they not disappoint! 


We had sussed the car park at this point so managed to park pretty near the exit which actually meant we had a much shorter walk from the car into the camp site ultimately meaning the walk uphill on the way back was less, this was a relief as we didn’t have my Dad with us who did most of the pram pushing for the weekend! We were kitted out in our Helly Hansen coats that you may have seen me mention in my Festival Must Have’s Blog PostMaybe it was because we had popped home in between but it definitely dropped in temperature this was around 9pm and it was super windy so our coats kept us all nice and warm. I felt quite sad entering Camp Bestival for the last time for the weekend as we had really had such an amazing weekend and I was so sad for it to be over. A festival at night time is just like a complete different place, so magical with all the lights and exciting with all the music and the buzzing atmosphere.


Helly Hansen Collage

All weekend whilst nosing at all the food stands one of the ones that kept catching our eye was the one selling Churro’s and chocolate sauce. Neither myself or my Mum have ever tried a Churro (is that weird?!) but it just never seemed right to have them in the sunshine so all the way to Camp Bestival on the Sunday evening we talked about Churro’s and said we would try them unfortunately the Churro stand was shut so that is definitely something we will try out earlier next year as I need to know what one tastes like!! So because we couldn’t get our Churro’s we hunted for something else to fill the night-time snack void and found the Green Brownie Stand, brownies and hot custard yes please!


We sat on the grass at the side of the castle (that’s where lots of people seemed to be sitting) as we knew we would never get in front of the castle and be comfortable with Amelia, enjoyed our brownies and Amelia looked at all the lights and played with her light stick whilst we waited for the fireworks to start.


I am so pleased we came back for the fireworks as they were absolutely amazing. It was all set around the castle with lazer lights up the castle to start it off, music in the background then nearly half an hour of stunning fireworks. This was the first firework show Amelia has actually been interested in and she really enjoyed it. Some of the loud ones she kept shouting “noise noise noise” and covering her ears and she held my hand throughout but she was squealing with happiness and I think she really enjoyed it. The photo’s I took just do not do it justice but the one from the Camp Bestival press team from the front of the castle hopefully shows you how incredible the fireworks were.

Firework collage


DAY4_castle stage, fireworks_CF1_6960

This was the perfect end to our weekend at Camp BestivalIt was a late night as we didn’t get home until after midnight but if you can’t do that when your at a festival when can you. It felt like the weekend ended on such a high and I’m so grateful that we got to have this experience.

I really hope you have enjoyed reading these more in depth diary style blog posts of our weekend! I will be doing a quick guide/top tips post for those of you who are considering going and just need a quick list of pro’s and con’s and tips for the weekend from my point of view.

Thanks for reading!xx





  1. 19th August 2015 / 7:24 am

    Oh wow those fireworks look amazing!! It sounds like you had a really great time and it’s definitely something j would like to go to in the future! Also churros are definitely worth a try!! xx

  2. 19th August 2015 / 8:00 am

    Lovely post. Those fireworks look amazing. So glad you had an amazing time and thank you for the lovely posts 🙂 xx

  3. 19th August 2015 / 7:38 pm

    Love your post it looks like such an amazing event I am there next year 100%! great photos xx

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