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Mess Free Painting!

There is probably nothing new to you about mess free painting but thought I would share this with those of you who grimace every time I do an activity which involves mess which is quite a lot. So here is one for those of you that like to keep it clean…  Plastic Wallet Painting. It’s as simple as getting a plastic wallet putting the paper in, squirting in some paint and cello-taping the end up! We also added a few bits into some of ours to get extra texture such as lolly sticks but the best were those silver balls that you normally top cakes with as these moved around really freely and were great for added sensory.    Amelia used a mixture of her hands to push and move the paint around and a paint brush so that it felt like real painting. She also without my prompting but…

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Chickpea Sensory Play

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Fruit & Vegetable Painting

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Homemade Playdough

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Learning Lollipops

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