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Folly Farm a Jam-Packed Day Out!

We visited Folly Farm last year when we stayed in Wales so when we went back last week Folly Farm was top of the list for one of the things we wanted to do. Just as it did last year it exceeded all our expectations and it really isn’t just a farm! Think farm, zoo, fairground and outdoor play parks all thrown together and that is what Folly Farm has to offer. A fully packed day out for everyone to enjoy. I remember thinking and saying this last year that I was just so impressed with how clean the farm was and again this year when we went into the Jolly Barn it was spotless with all your farm animals to go and look at. Amelia tends to do things at 100 miles an hour so zoomed around peeping at all the animals, clucking like a chicken and stroking whatever…

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Hatley Autumn Winter Adventures

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Camp Bestival- Sunday

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Camp Bestival -Saturday

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Camp Bestival – Friday

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