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Snow in Dorset – The Beast from the East March 2018!

When all the reports of snow start getting mentioned on the weather and my Instagram feed is full of people all over the country enjoying snow, I’m not usually that fussed. It always seems to miss us, our little Dorset microclimate just doesn’t do snow but this time it did. At the beginning of the week there was mentions that snow would hit us come Thursday but Wednesday afternoon I looked out the office windows at work to bright blue skies. Sure enough Thursday morning we woke up to a small amount of snow. Amelia’s school one of the only ones in the area remained open so I got her to school and then got myself to work. The roads were so clear and there really wasn’t all that much. As the morning went on, the snow fall increased and Amelia’s school sent out a message saying children could be…

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Lavender and Wild Flowers- A Photography Cliche

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#MyFamilyAdventures – May

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Signs of Summer…Strawberry Picking

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#MyFamilyAdventures – April

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