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#MyFamilyAdventures – January

It’s finally the end of January, to be honest it has felt like a pretty long month. That being said it’s been a good month, a great way to kick off 2017. Regardless of the cold weather we’ve been out and about and explored a couple of new places. I’ve been joining with the #MyFamilyAdventures hashtag over on instagram for a little while now and it’s a great place to share what you’ve been up to. So Kerri-Ann from Life As Our Little Family has decided to make it a monthly linky to share a summary of your adventures in a blog post. As well as getting out and about going on adventures taking photos comes a close second so this is a perfect space for me to round up our months adventures. This post could be a million photos long but I’ve gone through all our outdoor adventure snaps and…

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Exploring Dorset – Kimmeridge Bay

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This Mum Can…Scoot!

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Home Life Project – January 2017

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Here’s to 2017…A New Adventure

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