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Children’s Framed Art Wall; From Paintings To Display!

Piles and piles of paintings, drawings, sticker covered paper and a tonne of creations made by our lovely children and no where to put it all?! It’s way to hard to get rid of all of it but there are only so many pictures that can be stuck up on the fridge. So today I’m going to share with you my Children’s Framed Art Wall.

For ages now I’ve been wanting to do something special with some of Amelia’s creations as it’s so lovely to see their artwork  through time and see the difference in size of their tiny painted hand prints or the way they start to colour in the lines. So I decided on making a framed art wall something that can be changed and added to whenever I want to. It is so simple and literally looks even better when it’s finished.

I can now choose a few select pieces of Amelia’s art and pop them in the frames and up onto the wall, keep a few in a little folder and the rest can depart without me feeling (too) guilty!

All you need is some multicoloured frames of various sizes and your child’s art work! 



The frames I used are from IKEA and I got a few in different sizes and colours and arranged them on the wall in a mismatching fashion which looks perfect. They were so cheap so really are an inexpensive way to make a lovely looking display. They are on the wall by a picture that my sister made for me of a collage photo of Amelia and they look great together.


There are so many ways of differing this display you could take the glass off the frames and leave them open, you could let your child paint some frames, hunt some charity shops for a random select of frames or even pop cork board into the back of the frames making it even easier to swap and change your art.

I love how it turned out and I can’t wait to add some more pieces to the wall and it be covered in Amelia’s fabulous creations. She was so proud to see her artwork up on her wall! An idea like this would also work really well if you had a spare bit of wall in your kitchen or playroom as it would make it even more colourful and add to that family home vibe!




So there we have How to Make Your Own Framed Art Wall!


Thanks for reading!xx




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