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Christmas 2015 Round Up!

I wanted to get this post in before the end of the year so here is what we got up to this Christmas!

It wasn’t a picture perfect Christmas, these are all just iPhone snaps as I wanted to enjoy the time with Amelia and to be honest we were so busy getting my camera out didn’t even cross my mind! This post will mainly be just a tonne of photos as I think a photo will tell you more than enough about what we got up to this year for Christmas.


The week before Christmas we had a Christmas Baby goes clubbing party which was super fun. I made Amelia go as a reindeer complete with tutu and headband neither of which lasted the entire party. We used Amelia’s cupcake set from her Christmas Advent Box, got crafty and Father Christmas even came down the road on a little float which was really sweet. The bottom right photo was Amelia during the Christmas food shop probably echoing how many others were feeling.

2Xmas Eve Baking

Christmas Eve carrying on tradition is full of baking and getting everything ready for the big day. Amelia helped out making the cheese stars, the orange flan and some chocolate robins. I was able to recreate my Chocolate Yule Log which I was really chuffed with and now I know it wasn’t just fluke!

3Christmas Eve Food & Lights

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a minor tragedy, our Christmas tree lights blew on Christmas Eve so my Dad had to make an emergency shop trip to get some replacements and the tree had to be undecorated and redecorated which wasn’t ideal but Amelia enjoyed the tinsel! After having soup, bread and Camembert for dinner we went to a local Christmas lights display to really get us in the mood before laying out Amelia’s sack, stocking and supplies for the man himself!

4Christmas Day Collage1

Christmas morning arrived and was full of opening presents, eating chocolate and having fun. The whole day just went by so fast but it was so much fun. Amelia was so lovely and happy with all of her presents. She even came over and said thank you and gave me a huge hug without being asked too, yes that did make me cry!

5Christmas Collage 2

Prosecco was opened way before midday and we all received some really lovely presents. I was so excited give everyone their presents this year but I got a little bit spoilt myself.

55Christmas Collage 4

Amelia had a little snooze before lunch (3.30pm) because she was up early and it had been quite a full on day so far. My sister and Mum were doing the roast this year and they did such a great job. Each item on the plate tasted amazing and we were all well and truly stuffed but obviously managed a slice of yule log!

6Christmas Collage 3

More presents were opened and Amelia got stuck in playing with some of her toys whilst we watched some Christmas tv in the evening. It was really nice to have a stress free enjoyable Christmas. We had dinner when it was ready and just went with the flow which made it such a nice day!

7Christmas Day Collage 5

By the end of the day Amelia was scooting round the lounge with just a vest and a helmet on and singing to her baby whilst feeding her milk at the same time so it was definitely nearly bed time! We enjoyed some games, more food and Christmas TV before heading to bed as we were all super tired after an amazing day.

Xmas Beach Collage

Boxing day would not be boxing day without breakfast at the beach. It was so windy but really refreshing after being in all day for Christmas. Amelia had a good run around and we all enjoyed bacon sandwiches at the beach hut.

It really was such a brilliant Christmas and I’m so sad it’s over. I’ve loved the build up as Amelia’s getting it a lot more and it’s been so fun.

I hope you all had a fab Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading!xx




  1. 31st December 2015 / 8:15 am

    Wow I’m super jealous of breakfast on the beach! Looks as though you had a lovely Christmas 🙂

  2. 2nd January 2016 / 5:47 pm

    Wow looks like a wonderful Christmas 🙂 I love those little antlers – so cute! Amelia had so many lovely gifts too – we got fairly similar ones as they are about the same age – we still need to get a helmet though to have safe scootering and bike sessions 🙂

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