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Storage Tips & Tricks!

Houses these days get filled up so quickly with everything from clothing to toys the cupboards are bursting. I thought I would give you some ideas for storage tips, tricks and de cluttering advice!

1. Donate 


First things first is to have a full on clear out. Start with one thing at a time and go through the cupboard and get rid of the things you don’t need. Be ruthless if you haven’t worn it for a year get rid of it. Bag up clothing to donate, shoes to donate and find somewhere local to give them.

2. De-clutter 


Decide what’s important and what’s special. I’m a sucker for keeping memorabilia and have a lot of it. Although it’s hard try to go through it and see what really means the most and only keep the special things.

3. Organise


I’ve recently tried to organise my clothes in a way that makes them more accessible. The things you wear a lot keep them together so that when you go to grab them each time you don’t pull out every item that you don’t. I’ve sorted clothing into things that I wear all year round and things that only got worn in the Summer and Winter and and  I swap these when it’s the right season. It saves huge jumpers getting my way during the Summer!

There are so many practical storage options available these days including these brilliant dressing room clothes storage options. There are so many ways to make things fit for you and what works for you and in your house.

Scandinavian style dressing room by Elfa Deutschland GmbH
by Elfa Deutschland GmbH

4. Keep Tidy


Trying to keep things tidy is really important. I’m a bad person for this. I’m not bad for tidying up after Amelia but rushing around I tend to leave my own mess that always gets left. If you tidy as you go it just helps you keep more organised and not feel so stressed.

5. Be Frugal 


If you don’t need it, don’t buy it!!!

In my teens all my money would be spent on clothing for myself because I didn’t really have anything else to spend it on so I had so many clothes that I would wear once and then never again. Now I prefer to buy for Amelia so I don’t buy as much for myself but the same goes for her clothing and toys. If we aren’t going to use it, if it’s not going to get worn enough then I won’t buy it. It’s a waste of money and space.

I think this is the perfect time of year to do so. I’m definitely going to be going through Amelia’s toys to make space for new things and I bet I’ll find some clothing that doesn’t fit her any more. I’ll also be taking my own advice and try harder with keeping my clothing and things all organised as I get so anxious when my bedroom is a mess!

Thanks for reading!xx



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