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Conker Paint Rolling – An Autumn Painting Activity

Conker Paint Rolling is a really fun kids craft; an active paint activity that will get you using some of your Autumn finds! We had a huge bowl of conkers that needed some using and conker paint rolling was the first idea that came to mind.

Apologies the photos aren’t the best, my camera ran out of battery right as we had set up to start the activity so these are all phone snaps! 



You will need:

  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Conkers
  • Baking tray/Box/Washing up bowl

We went for a baking tray and tried a couple of different sizes but found the smallest one worked better for Amelia as she could hold it best but you could easily use a box or washing up bowl. Anything with depth is best as then you don’t need to be too cautious with your rolling!


  • Cut your paper to size.
  • Push your paper to the bottom of the tray or whatever your using.
  • Squeeze in a few blobs of your paint in various colours.
  • Throw in your carefully selected conkers.
  • Get rolling!!




Amelia went for more of a shaking action and so her painting was pretty much complete within a few seconds but that’s the beauty of this kind of activity it’s great for a small burst. We did multiple paintings and you could create lots of abstract art for cards or just to cover your entire fridge in!



You could go with a different selection of colours, try out different sized conkers, different amounts of conkers and try rolling fast and slow to see what the difference is with your paintings. You could also try it with chestnuts if you haven’t managed to find any conkers!

This is definitely an activity we will do again as Amelia really enjoyed it and the paintings she produced came out really well; perfect for a quick afternoon activity or if you have a bit of time to fill!


As always do let me know if you try out this activity! I’ve set up a new Instagram Account – @newyoungmummakes where I’ll be sharing our arts, crafts, makes and bakes so give it a follow and give it a tag if you try out the Conker Paint Rolling!

Thanks for reading!xx






  1. Everything Mummy
    28th October 2016 / 11:11 am

    So much fun what a fab idea xx

  2. Vivabop
    6th November 2016 / 11:21 pm

    Looks like lots of fun and I love the colourful abstract art pieces you get at the end of it all!!

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