Cubetto – The Little Robot Teaching Kids Coding

Cubetto – The Little Robot Teaching Kids Coding

With the ever changing technological world it’s important to do as much as we can to keep our children up to speed and one way to do that for young children is with the Cubetto. The Cubetto is a little wooden robot that teaches children from aged 3 the basics of coding. Yep you read that right, 3 year old’s learning to code!

We were asked by Primo Toys to test out the Cubetto which we have been doing and I’m so impressed with the toy. The toy is so colourful and just looks adorable, the designers have really put thought into making it appealing for both children and parents. Amelia loved it’s little smiling face and kept saying how happy the little robot was!

The Cubetto is so easy to use you literally pop in your batteries turn it on and start having fun. All you need to do to get the Cubetto moving is place in your instructions onto the interface board which can be done by using the coloured blocks; green is forward, yellow is left (90 degrees), right is red (90 degrees) and blue is function which adds more commands. Inside the box you also get a map which has grids where each square looks slightly different so you can decide where you want to send your little Cubetto from start to finish.


I started by using it to show Amelia what it could do then we worked together on some basic routes.¬†Amelia got her head around which colour was which and what it did quite quickly she just needed reminding that the left and right only makes it turn rather than move forward as well. I would ask Amelia where she wanted to start and where she wanted to finish and then we would work together to figure out which direction it needed to go in and how many squares. I was so impressed with how quickly she got her head around this. I think it’s amazing how little brains work, they really do embrace every kind of knowledge!





You might be thinking how is the Cubetto a coding toy but when you break it down and give it some thought there are many reasons why. Queuing the instructions on the board; they have to go in a precise order to complete the correct route as a command line. It allows the child to see when it doesn’t quite work out; if the Cubetto doesn’t end up where he should be the blocks can be swapped, added or removed. By using the blue function block you can make a long sequence with just one brick and if you pop a blue block in the function line the Cubetto really has fun!

It also challenges children’s problem solving skills and children really do learn through play with this one.

I would highly recommend the Cubetto and you can find out more about it here. 




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