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Dear Diary...Bluestone Wales - alice & amelia
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Dear Diary…Bluestone Wales

A few weeks back we spent a week in Wales staying at the amazing Bluestone National Park Resort. Last week I blogged about it in a more general over view post full of lots of helpful info with all you need to know about Bluestone but I’m going to share our week a bit more in detail with a tonne more photos.


Monday was the 4 hour drive to Wales which I wasn’t looking forward to. Myself and Amelia were meeting our good friend Amy and her girls Lottie, Bella and Maisy from Everything Mummy which Amelia was so excited about at Bluestone! It was absolutely pouring down a windscreen wipers on full kind of affair but Amelia was so well behaved in the car. We managed to only stop once just over the bridge into Wales and Amelia did so well just chattering away, looking at her books and out the window.

Once arriving at Bluestone we did have a little queue to check in but our lodge was ready for us to go straight down to which was a huge relief. I’ve commented on the accommodation in more detail in my other blog post but it really was lovely.  A great space for all of us and I really couldn’t fault it.


We bought food with us bar for one night so had a quick snacky dinner as we had all been grazing during our car journeys and went out for some fresh air. We walked to the village and the girls went into the park. We got so lucky that we drove out of the rain and the forecast bad weather for the week disappeared and we had lovely sunny days the entire week!




After a run around in the park and many a trip down the slide we headed back to the lodge to put the girls to bed. Amelia was a bit of a pain going to sleep due to the nap she had in the car so I ended up joining her for a much needed early night!



Tuesday we set off first thing to Folly Farm, we went last year and loved it and as Amelia’s gotten older her love for animals and farms/zoo’s has really increased so it was definitely something we wanted to do again and being so close (10 minutes) from Bluestone we couldn’t not. We had a lovely day at Folly Farm Adventure Park evening getting to meet one of my lovely blogging friends Lucy you can check her blog out here. I’ve blogged about it in a bit more detail already which you can have a look at here. 



In the morning I had packed up our swimming stuff and taken up to the car with us as I knew we would probably be back from Folly Farm late afternoon and with plenty of time to take Amelia to the Blue Lagoon. Amelia’s confidence in the water has come on so much in a year (from swimming lessons) so I was so excited to see what she would make of the pool this year. She loved it. It’s such an amazing water park with a big pool, wave machine, lazy river and two splash pool areas for Amelia to enjoy. There are the water slides and jacuzzi s as well but obviously not suitable for Amelia quite yet. She had an absolute ball in the water and playing in the splash pool and was absolutely shattered when we left.


We cooked up a big Spaghetti Bolognese for all of us which went down a treat. We were all super hungry after a busy day and safe to say Amelia slept really well that night. The evenings were so nice to sit and chat with Amy and relax after a manic day running around with 4 crazy kids!



Wednesday was our first full day to spend in the Bluestone resort and we had lots planned. I took Amelia for an early breakfast at the coffee shop in the village. I had a bacon roll, Amelia had a croissant and we shared a hot chocolate. The weather was so nice we were able to eat outside with birds sitting on our table. We went for a walk around the lake afterwards, such a beautiful part of Bluestone.

Bluestone Breakfast


Amy went and got us a buggy for the next couple of days to help us get from A-B without it taking too long and we whizzed (felt like that on the back) up to the Adventure Centre. We had Messy Play session but had time for a play first. The girls were straight onto the bouncy castle and into the soft play, there’s so much to do!



The Messy Play session was fab based on the story of Shelby the Snail with different areas of messy play; water, paint mud, flour and play food. Amelia was in a bit of a funny mood and didn’t really want to get to messy but still enjoyed playing with the water and pretending to bake a cake with the flour and other dry ingredients. We also had the chance to meet my lovely co-host of Curious Little Explorers Chloe and her gorgeous little girl Evie from Life Unexpected. The session was brilliant with lots for the children to do in a great environment for it.

Messy Play Collage

After the messy play session we went down into the village for a play in the park and to have a snacky lunch. We also got some ice cream from the cafe, which was amazing! With so many different flavours to choose from the girls were all soo excited.



We had the Buzby Bumbles Bee play session in the afternoon which was up in the circus room inside the Adventure Centre. I wasn’t sure how this would go but it was brilliant. An interactive session where the children with the help of a supervisor have to complete some tasks to help Buzby Bee out. The all dressed up as bee’s which was adorable and collect different things, do some dancing and sing some songs. This kept Amelia’s attention the entire time and she loved it and kept asking what was next excited for the next task. We went back to the lodge for dinner and got ready for another day at Bluestone!

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Thursday morning Amy took her two eldest for an early morning swim whilst I stayed at the lodge with Amelia and Lottie. We then went to the Woody Wild Show of Huwie the Hedgehog at the Village Hall. We weren’t sure what to expect with trying to get four children to sit still during a show but we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was a fully interactive show with loads for them to do. I thought the show was really good and something completely different for the girls to enjoy with singing and dancing to enjoy. It was a really nice touch that the floor was covered in giant bean bags in front of rows of chairs so we could sit comfortably in between dancing!

WoodyWild Show

After the show we went back to the lodge for a spot of lunch then myself and Amelia went to Camp Smokey. This was honestly one of the highlights of my week. It was one of the things I wanted to make sure we did this year. Walking down the board walk over looking Camp Smokey in amongst the huge tree’s was so excited. The whole vibe of the outdoor restaurant is worth the trip with food cooked in front of you served in tin plates and a camp fire burning overlooking more of the forest and the little stream and water wheel. We grabbed ourselves some marshmallows and got roasting. Amelia’s never done this before and loved it she just wanted to keep roasting the marshmallows and hand them to me to eat but I wasn’t complaining! I would definitely eat there next time and spend some more time in the woods.


Amelia Camp Smokey


We then had a bit of free time and if you haven’t noticed we like to use all of our time whilst at Bluestone as there’s so much to do we didn’t want to miss out so we took the opportunity to go swimming again. We spent a good couple of hours down at the Blue Lagoon even grabbing an ice cream poolside which Amelia thought was literally the most exciting thing ever. It’s little things like that, that make holidays and creating memories so special.


Thursday evening we went to the Farmhouse Grill for dinner. The restaurant has been redecorated since last year and looks really nice. A modern, country look fits the restaurant and it’s food perfectly. The menu was delicious, we all ate way to much, the staff were lovely and the whole restaurant is massive with plenty of tables but lots of space too.


Friday was all about the travelling. We were all pretty exhausted from the week and just ready to get cracking with the journey so we left at around 9 and managed to do the whole journey home getting back just after 1. The holiday was brilliant and we had such a nice time, it was a well needed week out of the ordinary.


I would recommend Bluestone to anyone it’s a fabulous break for families of all sizes as there so much to do you could easily break off and do separate things for different aged children and plenty of things to do all together or even some child free time at the Spa (which I’m yet to try out!)

Bluestone has a way of creating memories for you without you even realising, just through the things they have to offer and the amount avaliable within your Bluestone holiday.


Thanks for reading!xx




  1. 2nd May 2016 / 9:59 am

    When you write it all down like that I’m not suprised I was so exhausted when we got home! Such a fun week with you guys!! xx

  2. 2nd May 2016 / 3:07 pm

    Sound’s like such a fab week had by all. Love the pictures you have shared. I love the sound of Bluestone I definitely get the vibe that it is a perfect family escape.

  3. Helen
    2nd May 2016 / 4:50 pm

    Aww it looks like you all had such an amazing time! I love the range of activities available for little ones because if they’re happy then us parents are happy 🙂

    Helen x


  4. 5th May 2016 / 9:23 pm

    Wow it looks great. I’ve always wanted to visit Wales.

  5. 7th May 2016 / 9:58 pm

    Such an amazing holiday!! I desperately wants go back, we loved every minute of our time there. Gorgeous photos xx

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