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Dinosaur Stamp Craft

We recently got some new crafty bits from Baker Ross and I was super excited to get using them. We chose to use the dinosaur stampers and the reusable giant ink pad which is brilliant!

Dinosaur Collage Feature

To make this a themed craft I decided we would do a dinosaur collage. I set Amelia off in the garden with her basket and she collected leaves, sticks and small stones to go on our collage. She loves collecting so we ended up with way more than we needed but it made a bit more fun out of it.

Dinosaur Project Collecting

I stuck some sheets of paper together with tape to make a long sheet and got the rest of the paints and glue out ready for Amelia to use.


The Dinosaur Stampers came in a pack of 10 with lots of different dinosaurs which is great. They are a really sturdy foam and are washable so they can be reused. They are just the right size for Amelia to use. As well as using them with normal paint to make life a bit easier Baker Ross also have Jumbo Paint Pads which are fantastic. We’ve been using the green one and it makes stamping a hole lot easier. They come in a variety of colours with washable paint.


The Jumbo Pads are great as you don’t end up with excess paint like I found when using normal paint and makes it a bit less messy for Amelia. Something I would definitely get in a few different colours.


Dinosaur Stamps

I showed Amelia how to use the PVA glue and that she could then chose something from her basket to stick down. She really enjoyed this part but was eager to use the paint. I helped her with the stamps she liked choosing a different dinosaur and then the paint colour and stamping it down. After a while she did just want a brush so she could cover the paper in paint!

Dinosaur painting

I was pretty pleased with our end product. I liked that it wasn’t just one page covered in stamps it was the hole dinosaur theme and it made a bit more of an afternoon of it going out collecting and then doing the painting with the bits she had gathered.

Dinosaur Collage

Definitely one we will be doing again!

You can get the Baker Ross products mentioned here and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to see all of my crafty ideas for future projects!

 Thanks for reading!xx


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  1. MyLifeMylove
    30th June 2015 / 10:40 am

    They look excellent. I love how they are less messy than normal paint x

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