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DIY Flower Crowns Three Ways - Family Crafting - alice & amelia
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DIY Flower Crowns Three Ways – Family Crafting

With the upcoming festival season and Moana fever hitting children pretty hard what better craft than making your own flower crowns.

With this months Bostik craft supplies and a few bits we had we were able to make three different flower crown/headbands. Amelia loved getting stuck into making these but making your own flower crowns is a craft for the whole family.

The great thing about making you own as you can be as creative as you like and make the flower crown with colours and patterns you want to match your festival outfit. Amelia is currently Moana obsessed and  kept calling herself Moana with her new flower headband on.

Keep reading for your method for DIY Flower Crowns.


1. Card Flower Headband-

You Will Need;

  • Plain Coloured card.
  • PVA Glue
  • Sellotape
  • Card Flowers

How To Make Your Card Flower Headband;

  • Cut a strip of card to the width of your desired headband and try it around your childs head. I had to cut two strips and join them together based on the size of my card. Just do this with some sellotape and then you won’t see the join that much.
  • Using PVA glue cover the headband in the card flowers.
  • Attach the two ends of the headband together to the desired size again using sellotape.

2. Ribbon Flower Crown

You Will Need;

  • Ribbon
  • Pre-cut Fabric Flowers

How To Make Your Ribbon Flower Crown

  • Check that your ribbon is the right size, will it go round your head and have enough to tie it together.
  • Simply thread on the pre-cut fabric flowers, these already have holes in the middle so this is so easy to do.
  • Mix and match them creating patterns and colour schemes.
  • Tie the ribbon around your head and there you have your finished crown.

3. Flower Hairband

You Will Need;

  • Alice Band
  • Pre-Cut Fabric Flowers

How To Make Your Flower Hairband;

  • Use a plain Alice band/hair band these can be bought online really cheap. Double check the sizing you can get smaller ones for children which is what we used for this craft.
  • Similar to the ribbon crown simply thread on the pre-cut fabric flowers which already have the holes in them onto the hairband.
  • Amelia loved doing this and was really careful choosing which ones she used and putting any matching ones on either side creating patterns.

So there we have the tutorials for DIY Flower Crowns with three different ways for making them this summer. Whether it’s for your family festival attendance, your Moana obsessed child or just because they are so pretty and summery get crafting your flower crowns!

Thanks for reading!xx



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  1. 9th June 2017 / 4:08 am

    Adorable! Something to do this weekend with the girls. Lovely blog, indeed!

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