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Dr Seuss Books; Nonsense before Bedtime

Dr Seuss books are absolute classic books for children and it was only until recently Amelia got a couple to add to her bookshelf. The books are absolutely crazy to read and sometimes a bit of a mouthful but they are super fun and make bedtime stories that bit more entertaining.

The two Dr Seuss books we’ve been enjoying are; Fox in Socks and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and Amelia has really enjoyed them.


Dr Seuss books offer loads for beginner readers the books are full of repeating sounds helping them to recognise words. The books are full of rhyming sentences and repeating sounds. Repetitive sounds and engaging stories whilst using a limited vocabulary are perfect for a beginning reader.


One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is an absolute mouthful to read which Amelia found really entertaining and loved repeating the odd word here and there. The illustrations are fun which Amelia also loved looking at. Amelia loves her bedtime stories but if you had a child that didn’t I think a Dr Seuss book would be a great place to start; who doesn’t want to listen to absurd nonsense before bed!


Within all the crazy words, repetition and rhyming the books are full of creatures of some familiarities and some completely made up and within the lines are some life lessons.  Many Dr Seuss books are full of little morals to help children understand things in a simple manner.


Fox in Socks and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish are ideal for toddlers as they are simple stories about a  few characters and they can have fun listening to the book! I have a little competition over on twitter (HERE) where you could be for the chance to win one of the books!


What’s your favourite Dr Seuss book?

Thanks for reading!xx



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