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Easter Crafts: Easter Egg Potato Stamping

As we are away this week in Bluestone Wales we took last week as an opportunity to start our Easter crafting! I’ve been madly pinning away on my Pinterest boards which you can take a look at here:  https://uk.pinterest.com/AliceYoung8/ and found loads of fun things I wanted to give a go!

Last week we did Potato Easter Egg Stamping!

This is a nice and easy one just takes about 10 minutes prep time; slice your potatoes in half and carve out a design. It works better if you have the top and the bottom of the potato there like all of them in the picture below except the top left, as then they actually look like eggs! I had a variety of sizes to make it more fun.  I had paint in a tray to be bale to re-paint the potato stamps and some sheets of paper at the ready. 


I obviously made Amelia wear her Easter bunny ears because we were Easter crafting! Totally normal right…?!

Stamping wasn’t quite Amelia’s forte as she couldn’t quite get that it only needed to be stamped once and then somewhere else on the page and that we didn’t need to re-apply paint every single time. 


She loved it though and like last time we did vegetable painting she was yelling “STAMP STAMP STAMP” whilst banging the potatoes up and down. I did try and help her out to show her to stamp it once in one place then to move on but Amelia isn’t really one for being shown how to do things. I’ve learned it is just best to let her get on with it!

This photo captures Amelia’s love for painting and mess perfectly!


I think her favourite bit was painting the potato as she just thought this was really funny and kept sniggering when she was doing it. 


I know Amelia is quite young to be doing Easter themed things as she doesn’t fully understand the concept yet but I love having a theme behind a craft/messy play activity that we do and it switches things up a little. 



This idea would make a lovely front of an Easter card or a little Easter painting present for a friend or family member!

I think some of them turned out pretty well:


A definite simple crafty idea that you could give a go with your little one. Amelia is 19months and think she could have easily done this from a few months ago and this could be great for young children to enjoy too…I know I did!! 

What crafts/messy play are you getting up to this Easter?

Thanks for reading!xx


  1. 27th March 2015 / 7:46 am

    They look great! I LOVE that Amelia did the craft wearing bunny ears!!! Amazing x

  2. 27th March 2015 / 9:48 am

    They look so good! I may try these with Osian, thanks for posting 🙂 xx

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