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Everdine - Clean Eating Without Cooking?! - alice & amelia
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Everdine – Clean Eating Without Cooking?!

Yes you did read that title correctly clean eating is possible without doing the cooking yourself and it doesn’t involve leaving the house either. Everdine offer clean, wholesome, gourmet meals that are cooked, frozen and courier-delivered to your door. Then you just pop the meals in the microwave and then your ready to eat and enjoy.

I was really excited to try this service out as how gourmet can microwave meals be? The truth is they can be super delicious and full of flavour. When ordering you get to choose up to 8 meals, you get a big choice of meals to choose from and you can have 8 of all the same meal or pick and choose however many of each you want. I went for 8 totally different meals and think this is a great place to start to try different things out.

The meals arrived in their individual boxes and they store so well. Each meal clearly states what it is and it’s cooking time so you know what it is and how to cook it.

Having bits in the freezer like this are perfect for those evenings when you don’t have time to cook or just simply can’t be bothered. Having some Everdine meals in the freezer are super convenient and you don’t feel like your just having a “microwave meal”.

You don’t have to compromise on the type of food you want to eat or the taste as these meals are full of flavour. I also really enjoyed trying some new meals with combos I’ve not had before. The King Prawn Tabbouleh was a favourite of mine. The meals are full of veggies, lentils and quinoa which is all really filling and it’s great knowing that your eating healthy when you didn’t have to spend ages cooking.

I think it totally depends how much you spend on food weekly/monthly as to whether you think these are maybe a touch too expensive. But if you were to get a box once a month for freezer back ups I think they would be ideal.

If you fancy trying this subscription out you can use this discount link to get £30 free! – https://www.everdine.co.uk/invite/ALICE6


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