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Exploring Portland and Chesil Beach

Portland is a part of Dorset I’ve never visited before, it’s the other side of Weymouth a place we go to a lot so we had a day of exploring Portland including the sculpture park, the amazing views and Chesil beach!

Portland is a limestone island and to get to it you drive over a spit with the beach views each side from Weymouth, Amelia loved this it was exciting! You drive right over next to Chesil beach which is an entirely shingle beach and is pretty amazing to look at.

Chessil Beach View

We drove up into Portland which is a really quiet place in comparison to Weymouth which is really busy. We ended up on a little tour of Portland as we couldn’t find the Sculpture Park which to be honest is really badly signposted and the directions just are not clear at all but it was fun to drive around a place we’ve not been to before and just see as much of it as possible. The Sculpture park is located within what used to be Tout Quarry and loads of artists have come to the site and used the gullies and labyrinths of the quarry and the stones and have carved loads of them into different patterns/animals/shapes.







It’s a fun little place to walk about spotting the different stones, Amelia was so good at recognising the different animals and creatures, her favourite was the dinosaurs! There is loads of different paths and stones to climb up even though Amelia did end up with a couple grazed knees. Within the little hidden paths and nooks you get a glimpse of the sea views out over Chesil beach. The sea looked amazing it was so blue and the sun did come out a few times. It was a bit of a funny day in terms of weather we were walking in the sun one minute and the next it was raining and it was sooo windy but I thought that was because we were up in the cliffs, classic July weather for the UK really!

Portland Views




After we had a finished at the Sculpture park we drove down to Chesil beach and parked up to take a quick run onto the shingle beach. It was even windier down by the beach Amelia could barely walk bless her and the weather took a quick turn for some more rain so once we had walked up over the stones and taken a quick look at the sea we nipped down to the cafe to get Amelia an icecream, mint choc chip obviously!



Chesil beach is a really beautiful beach and I can image it would look a lot nicer on a sunny day but as far as the eye can see is just pebbles which is a pretty big change to the sand we are used to at our local beach. I think both of these places are worth a trip if your over that way or fancy exploring in Portland and I’m sure we will definitely head back on a sunnier/warmer day!


Thanks for reading!xx



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