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Five Top Packing Tips for a Family Holiday - alice & amelia
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Five Top Packing Tips for a Family Holiday

– A Guest Post.

This is the time of year when most people are jetting off for a bit of sun and sea. There are all sorts of websites out there offering handy packing tips, but they all seem to be aimed at those carefree young things who have only themselves to worry about. When you have a youngster or two in tow, the experience is certainly richer, but it also means you have ten times more things on your mind.

We recently talked about the trials and tribulations of travelling with a small baby. So here are my five more general tips on survival packing when you’re a young mum.

1) Go easy on the shoes

I’ve always loved my shoes, and have to admit that prior to becoming a Mum, I could easily fill half a suitcase with footwear. These days, space is at a premium, but I’ve noticed something interesting. A  good pair of sandals for summer covers just about every eventuality you can think of. Choose right, and you have something for strolling on the beach, walking round town or a dinner date when you have a babysitter.

2) Rolling, rolling, rolling

I feel a bit late to the party with this one, as I’ve been telling everyone about it since I heard and they’ve all looked at me as if I’m from Mars, but here goes. If you’ve been folding your clothes when you pack them, you’ve been doing it wrong. Roll them up into a cylinder and they take up less space and also acquire fewer wrinkles. It works, try it!

3) Spread everything around.

A case for you, a case for him, a case for the small bundle of joy…. It all sounds perfectly logical, till the airline manages to lose one of them, leaving one member of your party without anything else to wear. Better to spread everyone’s clothes around all the suitcases, just in case. And when it comes to important things like nappies, make sure there are some in each suitcase, or you know what will be at the top of the shopping list!

4) Pack a trailing socket

Chances are, you have been thinking how many socket adapter’s you will need for the various rechargeable’s you will be taking. Phones, tablets, hair dryer, shaver – the list goes on. The solution is simple. One trailing socket with four outlets will be more than enough – and you’ll only need the one adapter!

5) Bags within bags

Bags are great. Whether you go for the zip-lock ones or the simple 5p from the supermarket type, use them to insulate and protect your clothes from shoes, liquids, creams and so on. If in doubt, bag it!


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