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Flexible Jobs for Creative Mums

A guest post by Emily J.  

It’s hard getting that perfect balance between work and family for working parents, not to mention finding the career that is right for you and fulfils your expectations, especially if you are a creative person by nature and you want to express your creativity to the fullest. When it comes to single mums, the options to find jobs that fit your passion are sometimes limited to a certain extend. Fortunately, there are some great career options for creative working mummies and even those who are still taking care of children full time. Don’t be afraid of searching for jobs, which suit you, and your very specific situation, take your time and you may find a role that fits perfectly. Here are some awesome suggestions to see which career is a fit for you.


Here is a great opportunity to showcase your artistic skills for clients who will pay you for your creativity and your hand made products! Setting up an online shop is the best way to expose your skills to the public- and the best thing is that you can do it all from home. But before plunging headlong into an online business it is a good idea to explore the market potential for your creations; whether you make earrings, jewellery, hats, or fashion design pieces, you must first identify the right audience demographics that will be interested in your products, and knowing how to promote your craft successfully (with beautiful photos and appropriate descriptions, including providing virtual tours for clients). You should be using all the major social media sites to advertise and update your products whilst acquiring a consistent following and a loyal clientele. Find lots of tips on starting a crafting business online to help you further on your way.

Freelance Writer:

This is a position that allows for great flexibility and on a contractual or per project basis. Many companies and news outlets are always looking for free-lance contributors- which also include grant/proposal writers, creative writers, and journalists with newsworthy stories to publish. You can make your own schedule (leaving you plenty of time for the kids) and If you have a favourite hobby or are an expert in home decor, gardening, and fashion, etc. you can even set up your own blog and educate others on the various ‘how-to’s’—and what more could be more fulfilling than aiding others find the right solution?


Do you love nature, weddings, or exploring the most breath-taking places around the world? Then this is a job for you! While there are plenty of photographers around (much like the graphics design employment sector naturally has a lot of competition thanks to the user-friendly modern programs in use nowadays), do not be discouraged because photography, like painting or sculpture, is still an ‘art’ in its own right and you must have a particular propensity and skill for capturing ‘life in motion’ in one frame. Travel agencies, wedding planners, science and nature magazines, fashion designers and home design websites all need your skills if you are ready to give it your best! And they are also willing to pay for your travel expenses so you can take your kids along for the ride!


fashion designers are highly sought after and women are still at the centre of this trade! You can work as a freelance fashion designer and the opportunities for creating and growing your own business are enormous. Take some online courses and with a certification you can also work from home sketching on paper or on a computer program any ideas for companies in the commercial, industrial, retail, fashion, graphic, floral, interior decor sectors and more. Or become a visual merchandiser (if you love shopping and window-shopping then you already have an innate ability for the job) so as to gain experience on the shop floor designing window and interior displays and arranging floor space so you can then create your own store or online business from home.

Multimedia Artists are another group of highly creative individuals engaged in creating audio/visual, web-based, and animation content including videogames, commercials, and music videos. It is a perfect position if you want to become a freelance multimedia creator or even a consultant for companies.

Thanks for reading!xx


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