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Fluffy Paint Craft: Winter Snowman

Back in January (wow that long ago) I shared with you how to make your own Fluffy Paint!  Today I’m going to share a festive version which is even easier to make than the original. This is perfect for making a winter picture and snowman!

By it’s name the paint is so fluffy and gives fab effects when in use and really is the best “snow-like” paint for your winter paintings! When it dries it is an even stranger texture but really fun and Amelia loves feeling the end product.

All you need to make the paint is:

  • PVA Glue
  • Shaving Foam

Mix equal parts of the two together with a paint brush/lolly stick to get your white fluffy paint. You could add in some glitter to really make it festive!

This would be a great one for messy play which is what it turned into as Amelia after using it with the brush for a little got straight in there with her hands but that made a fab Winter snow scene!

If you want to go on to make the snowman you’ll need to cut out a nose, scarf, hat and buttons out of card. We used googly eyes but again you could easily use card! No need for glue as the fluffy paint will stick it down just fine.

The great thing about fluffy paint is that it takes no prep time! It can quickly be put together with a couple of really cheap ingredients and then you can get cracking!

If you wanted to make a coloured fluffy paint you just need to add a dash off food colouring. For a full recipe of coloured fluffy paint check it out HERE.

I would love to see if you give this a try so let me know or tag me in your creations!

Thanks for reading!xx



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