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Furzey Gardens – Fairy Door Hunting

A few weeks ago we had a lovely little day out  but I totally forgot to write about as the day ended with a wait for the RAC and a flat tyre, but I’ve been looking through photos and realised I had some really lovely ones I wanted to share from our day at Furzey Gardens, hunting for fairy doors!


Furzey Gardens is a beautiful gardens hidden away in the New Forest, it is absolutely stunning to look at with woodland gardens, bridges to walk over, a lake, hidden nooks to explore, a real place of beauty and exploration for children! We went with our friends from Everything Mummy and The Witt Family and the children had such a lovely time all running around together; Amelia loves being out and about with the older children gives her a chance to not be so bossy for once!


The main appeal for us to head there was to hunt for fairy doors. There are 33 fairy doors to find around the Furzey gardens, some were a bit more hidden away which Amelia found a bit tricky but with the help of the other children I think we managed to find most of them. The fairy doors are all uniquely hand carved and most of the doorways are decorated with glitter, coins, flower petals and little notes making them all so sweet to find. Amelia just like when we were at Blue Pool loved knocking on the doors to see if anyone was in. It is such a lovely place to run about and explore with hidden paths and big tree’s to go under and explore.


Furzey Gardens Fairy Doors


There is a little play area with some bits for children to go on and climb on including a boat, some little houses to run in and out of and large logs as balance beams. It does mention on their website that they are working on some other bits for the play area which I think would be great just to add to the appeal for children.




Amelia loved walking through all the paths, even though she did run off at one point, excitement got the better of her I think! There were so many flowers to spot, a mini chelsea garden and bridges to stomp over. Amelia was sold when we got to the little lake that she could hurl some stones into you all know how that girl feels about stone throwing.




We took a little picnic with us and grabbed a bench to enjoy it then after a bit more of a run around we sat down on the lawn by the entrance and cafe and got an ice cream, Amelia obviously went for Mint Choc Chip! Whilst us Mum’s had a chance to chat the children all ran around on the lawn, it’s a lovely space for sitting about enjoying the sunshine with space for the children to run free and have fun. Amelia and Bella mostly enjoyed throwing grass over one another’s heads and running about playing ‘it’.



I would definitely recommend Furzey Gardens if it’s nearby, it is a little pricey for adults but I guess if you were armed with a picnic and were there for a day it would really be worth it.


The journey through the New Forest is lovely as you can see all the horses, Amelia was so happy driving past them and be able to see them right out the window of the car, but beware the pot holes, I got myself a flat tyre and a hour and  half wait for the RAC on a boiling hot afternoon with a toddler, eek!

New Forest Horses


Do you have any fairy door hunts near you?

Thanks for reading!xx



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