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Garden Crafting!

I decided that this weeks craft would be slightly different as it’s usually something messy or painty. We’ve not used glue very much but there are so many crafts you can do involving sticking so thought we would give it a try and see how Amelia got on! 

Amelia loves being outdoors so I set her off in the garden basket in hand and let her collect lots of different things. She went for mostly daisies twigs and a few leaves and pottered around for ages selecting which bits she wanted in her basket. 

Garden Collecting Collage

Amelia Garden2

Amelia ended up with a pretty good haul of things and we headed inside and missed the rain by about a minute, phew!


Amelia Garden

I had already set up the table inside covered with newspaper and our PVA glue ready to go. I showed her how to put the glue on the paper and then stick some of the things down. To begin with she was just using the glue like paint but after a while she realised she could stick the leaves and flowers down and that they would stay there.  It was fun for her to delve into her basket to see what she would stick on next but did get a little cross when one of her large rocks wouldn’t quite stick. Safe to say I got that one out the way when she wasn’t look otherwise that would have ended in meltdown city! 

Amelia Crafting Collage

It looked really good when it was finished and I think it would be a nice collage to do each season so that when Amelia is a bit older she will be able to see the difference. 


Because we had all the crafty bits out Amelia spotted the paint and as the table was all covered I decided to give another idea a go. I have seen this one on Pinterest and thought it looked clever and stuck with our garden theme. 

Tulip painting with forks!



It looks so good and again another super simple idea.  I didn’t get any shots of Amelia painting as I have to be on guard these days as it is very abrupt when Amelia decides she’s had enough, usually ending with paint brushes/forks in this case being thrown to the floor. But you get the idea of how to do it!


We had a lovely garden themed crafty session! 

I’ll leave you with Amelia frowning at the prospect of having to go inside…

See this face far to often!!

Thanks for reading! xx



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