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Gardening Playdough - alice & amelia
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Gardening Playdough

I love creating fun activities for Amelia to do and for a while I’ve had this idea in my head to put together a Gardening Playdough activity. This would be great for children who like playdough or for a little educational activity.

I’m actually quite glad I waited a little bit and did the activity now. We’ve enjoyed the nicer weather and getting out into the garden and with that we have bought some flowers and done a bit of gardening. Amelia has loved getting involved so put the same ideas into her gardening playdough activity.


To put the gardening playdough activity together I made some what was supposed to be black playdough but it ended up slightly grey using the original playdough recipe, although I think the rock salt playdough recipe would work quite well for the gravelly effect. I had the wooden tray but you could easily just use a lunch box tupperware or go without and the flower pot cases are cupcake cases that I used to make flower pot cupcakes, but as they are silicone they are fab for multiple uses! The fake flowers I got from Amazon for another project but they were just the right size for Amelia to use and a few we already had laying around.Then I gathered some floral/gardening themed bits; flower cutters, coloured playdough, stones, sticks, leaves, a watering can and Amelia wanted to use some daisy’s from the garden.


Amelia was really excited to get stuck into her gardening playdough tray and first of all began making flowers with the cutters and rolling balls to make the middle of the flowers.

Gardening Playdough Collage 1

When I suggested that the black playdough could be compost she started using it to put into the flower pots. Then she went on to poke the flowers in and use some leaves and gave them a water. She said we needed to take them outside as flowers need water and sun to grow which I was pretty impressed with!

Gardening Pots Collage

Then she moved onto the wooden garden patch and used her playdough tools to smooth out the playdough and then poke a hole where the flower could go. She remembered how we did it in the garden making the hole for the flower to go in and did the exact same with the playdough.

Gardening Playdough Collage 2

We did some repeating patterns with the different coloured flowers and drew out a patch for each flower to sit in. Amelia then added leaves, stones and daisy’s as final touches and gave it all a good pretend water again suggesting it needed to go outside to grow.

Gardening Playdough collage 3

This was a great seasonal playdough activity that Amelia really enjoyed. She loved making her flower garden and putting the flowers in the flower pots. It was fairly simple to put together and could easily be replicated with bits you may already have or just by making use of the bits you do!


Let me know if you try out this activity!

Thanks for reading!xx




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  1. 25th May 2016 / 10:32 am

    This looks so much fun! I want to start doing activities like this with Isla while Archie naps… I couldn’t even imagine him getting involved haha! xx

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