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Gro Clock Review | Toddler Bedtime Essentials

Toddler Bedtime Essentials Feature

I’ve chatted a lot on this blog about Amelia’s sleep and how good it used to be then how bad it was and then how good it was again followed by how bad it was again so I’m back with another sleep update and to share how we’ve been getting on with the The Gro Clock

 I was quite dubious about using the clock, I’ve heard so many amazing things about it but just wasn’t sure how it would go down. My issue with Amelia’s sleep wasn’t her getting up to early or getting out of bed or waking in the night but going to sleep. It got to the point where it was sometimes taking 3 hours for her to go off to sleep which just ended in a mass of tears and an over tired toddler so I was really hoping the clock would help with making it time to go to sleep and I can safely say it has.


My biggest tip for setting up the clock would be to read each step of the instructions as I missed one and it ended up taking me hours to set it up which it shouldn’t, but you literally just pop your wake up time in there and your nap time in there and each time they go to sleep you simply push one of the buttons and watch the sun fall to sleep and the stars come out. There are 12 stars round the face of the screen which as the night goes on slowly disappear until it is time for the sun to rise meaning your child can get up/out of bed to come jump on you. Like I said we don’t use it for that yet as Amelia tends to wake between 7-8am but it will be so nice for it to grow with her so as she gets older she will understand to stay in bed until the sun comes up.


Ever since Amelia was teeny tiny we’ve done the bath, bottle, book and bed routine and it has been successful on the most part so we’ve carried on with that. When the first night came for using the clock we read the little story that comes with the clock explaining that when the sun goes to sleep Amelia should to and we’ve called it Amelia’s night night clock then we said goodnight to the sun and I kid you not she was asleep within ten minutes!!!! Now I just thought this was fluke but we are a month later now and I would say all of the nights bar one I can think of now she’s been asleep within half hour of being in bed which is amazing!


She’s not so interested in saying good night to the sun every night any more but I make sure that it is done every night just to firm the routine even more. We don’t use the clock for nap times as naps are quite successful at the moment or if she doesn’t want one the clock isn’t going to help with that. I honestly only have really positive things to say about the Gro Clock. It was the slight tweak in Amelia’s routine that she needed to get her back on track and we’ve had such a brilliant experience with it.


Amelia’s bedtime routine:

6:45pm – Bathtime 

We are using Child’s Farm products at the moment as they are organic and full of nice things and smell amazing! I love the more fruity fresh smells they have now that Amelia’s a bit older rather than that baby bed time smell.

7:00 pm – Book & Bottle

After bath time Amelia goes onto her bed and has a book before bed. She does still have a little bit of milk just to help her get off to sleep.

7:15pm- Bed

After her story we say goodnight to the sun and put him to sleep and watch the stars come up on the screen. Then I tuck Amelia in with a muslin which she still loves having at bedtime and her bunny. She only has one soft toy on her bed because they used to be one of the things that she would play with when taking hours to go to sleep so now she just has the one for cuddles which works out much better.

The Gro Clock has become a really important part of our routine and I think it will be great when she learns to tell the time and understands the counting down of the stars. A product that grows with your child is so beneficial and we love it.


Thanks for reading!xx




  1. 30th September 2015 / 10:24 pm

    Lovely review – I need this for getting the girls to stay in bed in the mornings sounds fab Alice x

  2. 1st October 2015 / 7:01 am

    I’ve been contemplating getting this for ages! It looks fab x

  3. 3rd October 2015 / 12:09 am

    I have been wanting to get one for a while so thank you for the review!

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