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How not to approach a baby! - alice & amelia
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How not to approach a baby!

Most of my posts are pretty upbeat and happy which reflect on how me and Amelia are getting on and how I feel. However I have to change the mood slightly to tell you about a comment someone made to me the other day about Amelia. Something that at the time didn’t really bother me but after thinking it has really niggled at me and quite frankly annoyed me!

So last week me, my mum and dad went into town to go to a couple of shops and get a coffee. It had recently been my mums birthday so she had a voucher for a specific shop that I won’t name that she really wanted to spend. Now when we first went into this shop and down to the changing rooms I was raving to my parents about how sweet it was that they have like a kids room with toys and a little tv playing Peppa Pig (obviously) to shovel your children into whilst your doing your shopping. Also another plus was numerous chair availability outside the changing rooms. So me and my dad parked up with the buggy as my mum had quite a few bits to try on.

Amelia being Amelia who very rarely sleeps during outings anymore was wide awake and kicking away in her pram; throwing Sophie the giraffe on the floor and kicking the blanket off (can’t take her anywhere….lol). Anyway she was super happy having a laugh with Gramps whilst I nodded and said yes and no to various items my mum was trying on. At this point the shop assistant came over and poked her head round the side of the buggy and said “HELLO” right in Amelia’s face. Right ok let’s pause….;she poked round the side of the buggy whilst Amelia was in her own little world making her jump and I’ve used the capitals to emphasise that she basically shouted inches from her face. I mean that would be enough to bother me. An obvious reaction from Amelia was to burst into absolute hysterics, real tears, red face, the lot! The shop assistant started to walk away and then half shouted across the shop floor “You need to take her out more so she gets used to other people”. At the time I think I just half smiled and did a “ha yeah thanks” as I was trying to soothe Amelia but now I keep replaying what she said and it has really annoyed me and I think it was incredibly rude.

Amelia is an extremely social baby going to numerous groups and classes seeing a variety of people throughout her week! She is at the age where she knows who she knows and very aware of strangers. But if they chat to her nicely most people usually get a smile! However if you creep up on a baby and scare them you probably are going to make them cry- my sister learnt this the hard way and I don’t think she will ever jump out on Amelia again! It became an extremely embarrassing situation in the shop but it shouldn’t have been because the comment she made was out of order and quite judgemental.

I don’t usually let things bother me but this has! Me and my parents discussed if a few days later like oh goodness do you remember what that shop assistant said and we were all then quite annoyed after reliving it! Hopefully venting might help!

The cake we then went and had after was good enough to distract us all not to mention it at the time!!

Have you ever had any unnecessary comments whilst out and about with

Thanks for reading xx


  1. 28th April 2014 / 6:02 am

    We are all so used to being polite and not offending people that it if the time comes for us to say Oi – you’re out of order! to some total *@”**, most of us can’t find the words to do it there and then – only afterwards! I know that’s true of me anyway. Made my blood boil hearing about your situation – we all have our ways and who’s to judge anyone else on what they “should” be doing? My only charitable thought was this shop assistant probably spends her life in a fog of not knowing how to behave with other people (children or adults) and probably gets quite negative feedback from others’ reactions, thus reinforcing her perception that others “should” be behaving in a particular way.

  2. 28th April 2014 / 6:28 am

    Things like this annoy me too, I wish people would just keep their comments to themselves! I was at our baby clinic last week and talking to the hv about tummy time. She immediately goes ‘oh is mummy helping you out too much?’ Not even looking at me! It made me so angry I had to lick Indiana up and walk away xx

  3. 28th April 2014 / 11:05 am

    The Nerve! She obviously knows nothing about babies. But hey, if you do that to an adult they may find it equally unamusing. SHe needs a course in Social Skills 101.

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