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Interior Design Trends for 2016 - alice & amelia
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Interior Design Trends for 2016

Today I’m going to share a few interior design trends for 2016. With the advances of technology coupled with creativity interior trends are ever changing so its important to create a space that is comfortable, functional and has its own touch.
Baytree Interiors are an interior design specialist who have picked out these key trends that are big this year.
Classic Country Furniture
Colour Choices;
Choosing the colour of a room is really important. It’s likely to be there for a long time and not just something you can change every day! The advice from Baytree is to choose something simple and possibly add a touch of a bright colour to accentuate key areas which can then be changed more frequently to fit mood, trends and seasons. Pastel colours allow you to move away from the clinical look of white whilst not overpowering a room.
Classic country furniture is still a trend for this year but in this year there will be more bright coloured furniture ranges giving a contrasting look to your home. Another trend for this year is going to be mixing colours; with a huge range of furniture paints avaliable up-cycling is going to carry on being popular as people look to re-purpose instead of buying new.
Noir furniture is also making a comeback in the bedroom; French inspired designs are the perfect way for adding a touch of luxury to any bedroom.
Noir Furniture
Lighting is a simple yet effective way to change the ambience in a room with minimal effort. Pendant lights and chandeliers are a great choice when it comes to lighting, as are filament bulbs which provide a warm glow with that vintage look. There are a huge range of styles avaliable from industrial to vintage and modern variants.
With the advances of LED lighting becoming cheaper for the mass market LED lighting is to expand even more throughout homes this year.
filament bulbs
Smart Everything:
Smart TVs have become pretty normal over the past few years but with technology advancing at such a rate everything will be smart in some way. There is already smart systems for controlling your heating, opening garage doors and turning lights on and off and as these systems become more affordable more and more people will have access to them for their homes.
2016 is shaping up to be an innovative and creative time for interior design with designers looking to keep classic design traits whilst utilising technological advances and incorporating imaginative products.
Julian Potter from Baytree Interiors said “It’s great to see that even in these technological times classic designs are still the bedrock of modern home interior designs. These classic touches provide a great platform to express yourself throughout your home without compromising on form or function.
“Bright and vibrant colours are really coming back into fashion, slowly banishing the days of magnolia walls into the past. This shows that people are once again looking for something a bit different and want to put their own stamp of individualism on their home.”
Do you have any interior plans for this year, if you do make sure you don’t miss out these trends for 2016!
Thanks for reading!xx

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  1. Inhabit Zone
    8th February 2017 / 7:14 am

    Excellent trends! I have covered most of these.

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