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January 2018 So Far…

So once again it’s been a little while since I’ve been over on the blog but I thought I would drop in with a little update on 2018 so far.

I always find January so hard. Winter isn’t my favourite and once Christmas is out the way I could quite happily fast forward to Spring Summer or at least just to some warmer weather!! I want to be all focused on the new year and a bit of self improvement along with being proactive and productive but for me I actually find January the hardest time to find motivation. I’ve been taking each day and week as it comes and just trying to enjoy the time and plough on through really!

I’ve re-found my photography buzz and I’ve been loving taking photos again. Mostly though it’s been the editing I’ve been enjoying most. Instagram can be a funny old place but one of my favourite places to scroll through and get inspiration. Editing photos is always something I love doing but recently I’ve been letting myself be a bit more creative and post away some slightly different shots. Not focusing on the likes but the creativity behind them. It’s been really fun and I’ve had lots of positive comments about the new style which is always lovely!

Considering January is cold, rainy and requires a gazillion layers whenever you step out the house we have actually still been getting out and about. A few little weekend adventures when the suns been shining and we’ve managed to catch a few glorious sunsets at the beach. 2017 saw us have lots of days out and adventures and we saw some beautiful, beautiful places. I’ve renewed my National Trust membership again this year – (are you even a parent if you don’t live for a national trust day?) and I’m excited to explore some more places within the trust and just around Dorset in 2018.

Amelia’s settled back into school post Christmas holidays really well and although her cough has returned again she’s otherwise doing really well. We spent some time over the last week getting crafty for her latest school project which was all about fairy tales and of course involved a tonne of glitter! Amelia also went back to swimming, ballet and tap and is absolutely loving them. She loves her swimming and always has done but she’s found a real love for her dancing classes. She was so excited she finally got all her uniform and she’s been tapping or attempting to tap around the kitchen like a crazy person. She’s also signed up for her first show which is just so exciting!!

Work for me has actually been busy; nothing like easing back into it for the new year. The company is at a really exciting time in development which is really cool to be a part of but really busy at the same time! Still I’m super grateful for the job and hours being so flexible so I can still be about for all the school drop off’s, pick ups and after school clubs!

I’m pretty sure that’s everything that’s been going on in January so far!!

Thanks for reading!xx



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