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June...New Adventures! - alice & amelia
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June…New Adventures!

Hello June, you were supposed to bring sunshine, blue skies and warm weather but instead it is grey, windy and rainy. This isn’t how I imagined writing this blog; the nice weather was supposed to inspire this blog post and make you all feel as positive and enthused for my new challenges but I will go with it anyway. 

I have recently written about us exploring new places and that is just what this blog post is about. A holiday abroad isn’t on the cards for the next couple of years so I want to make the most of where we live. We are fortunate to live in a stunning spot of the world. Surrounded by beaches, countryside, woodland and stunning views it is definitely somewhere to take advantage of. 

I want us to go to places we’ve never been before and work our way through Dorset. 

The beach is just my favourite place so I’m challenging us to go to every beach in Dorset. According to Wikipedia there are 38 main named ones but I’m going to check this out on the map. I would love to say we have worked our way along the coastline as looking at the list there are definitely some I don’t recognise that I’m looking forward to going to. I will document this challenge over the summer and fingers crossed we get it complete. 

We recently visited the Blue Pool and picked up a Dorset leaflet that had loads of spots and places to enjoy for days out. Again loads of these places I have never even heard of let alone been to lots of which Amelia would love. This has given me tonnes of inspiration for locations for us to visit for days out.

The thing I love about getting outdoors is that is a cheap day out. Yes some places you pay for your entry fee but if you take a picnic you can enjoy a penny free day enjoying the outdoors and being somewhere new. Amelia also much prefers being out and about, seeing new things and taking in her surroundings, collecting sticks and stones. Plus she gets so much more out of these days out rather than us being cooped up inside or stuffed in her pram. 

Sticks and dandelions

The only thing we need to be able to complete our challenge of getting outdoors and enjoying Dorset is the weather! I would LOVE for it to be sunny and hot weather but as long as it’s dry we can still get out and about.

I’ve recently become a sponsored vlogger for Channel Mum so I will be branching my blog over to YouTube and vlogging lots of our days out. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here so you are ready and waiting for them! 

So keep your fingers crossed for some nice weather and keep your eyes peeled for some lovely Dorset days out. 

Thanks for reading!xx



  1. 3rd June 2015 / 9:10 am

    It sounds like you are going to have an amazing time. Exploring England is really good as there are some gorgeous places here.

  2. 3rd June 2015 / 12:52 pm

    It’s worth getting National trust membership if you haven’t already, there are some stunning places you can visit with it! Brownsea Island is really fun to visit and I’m sure Amelia would love spotting all the squirrels and peacocks 🙂 xx

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