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Keeping it Personal with Fashion - alice & amelia
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Keeping it Personal with Fashion

A guest post – 

Looking stylish and feeling fashionable may be something we all aspire towards, but for many of us, the reality is far different. As busy mums and professionals, we buy on a budget and wear whatever the first thing off the hanger is on those early morning starts.

While this may be great when it comes to ease and convenience, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy – especially when you’re faced with that one perfectly preened and coiffed mum at the school gate each morning (you all know the type!).

So if you’re beginning to feel as though you have lost your style mojo, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can work towards getting it back, leaving you looking good and feeling great!

Don’t Feel Pressured to Fit In

The most important thing to remember is that fashion is entirely subjective. What one person loves, another may absolutely loathe. For that reason, it’s important to try and avoid following trends just for the sake of it, and instead, strike out on your own and forge your own path through the murky jungle of the fashion world.

Put simply, if you like something, wear it.

It is this idea that many people end up forgetting when it comes to fashion. Instead of focusing on their own opinion and the practicality of their outfit, they get caught up in what’s on trend and what they think they are expected to wear, which definitely isn’t a recipe for style success.

Therefore, as a result of this, one of the first things you should think about when it comes to fashion is yourself. By taking your feelings and gut instincts into consideration, you are far more likely to pick out an outfit that suits you and helps you feel more confident and happy in your own skin. Rather than just sticking to the status quo or going with a safe but bland outfit choice, it’s important to add a touch of personality to your outfit. Whether it is through bright colours, bold prints, subtle classiness or the thoughtful addition of your favourite accessories, once you start to let your personality shine through, your sense of style will be clear to see.

A Personal Touch for Everyone

However, this rule shouldn’t just apply to casual attire and everyday wear. There is even a place for personality at work or in the office. As long as you keep it in moderation, individuality can bring a real positive effect and help you stand out for all the right reasons. For women, a statement necklace or eye-catching scarf can make a great choice, whereas for men, how about taking the personal touch even further with customised accessories? Click here to check out some striking personalised cufflinks, for example.

Once you’ve got your own outfit on point, why not extend the personal touch to your little one’s wardrobe too?

Kid’s clothes are usually fun and colourful anyway, but choosing pieces which reflect their individual personalities can be a great way to ensure they’re happy with what they are wearing. If you can’t quite face dragging bored children around the shops, why not try online shopping? That way, you can easily let the little ones pick out some clothes they like (as long as they’re actually practical!) and once they lose interest, they can easily go and play while you finish up. If you’re struggling for inspiration, try picking pieces in their favourite colours or ones which feature characters or things they like. Of course, with clothes for the kiddies, it’s also important to make sure they are durable, practical, and can withstand play in all weathers – you never know what the little ones will get up to next!

Fashion should be all about enjoyment and personality, injecting a slice of sunshine into your day. Whether it is yours or your children’s style, you are all sure to feel much happier and more positive once you add that all-important personal touch to your wardrobe.

Thanks for reading!xx


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