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Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 Car Seat Review

Car seats and safety are so important especially if your like us and do lots of car journeys to various places meaning I always not only want Amelia to be safe but comfortable. The Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 Car Seat does both of things.


The Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 is suitable from 12 months-12 years and grows with your child in height and width giving the best protection from toddlers to pre-teens. I think it’s nice to know that the car seats will last a long time and it’s just a case of adapting and changing certain features to allow it to keep growing as your child does without compromising the safety.

As well as comfort and safety it is so so easy to use. For me I have a 3 door car without an ISOFIX feature so I can use this version of the seat with a seatbelt. It’s much easier for me to put Amelia in than trying to do a five point harness leaning into the back of the car. There’s no faffing with a 5 point harness or changing the length of straps and worrying about the seatbelt getting twisted. As Amelia’s weight she still uses the protection shield which comes across the front of her then the seatbelt comes through and is plugged in as normal. When Amelia grows the protection shield will be removed and the seatbelt will come across to be used. ┬áThe seat is really easy to move and Amelia feels seriously secure.



The seat is fitted with the Kiddy Impact Shield which is designed to protect the upper part of the body. It allows for “rolling over” of the upper body reducing load on the spine if in the event of a front-end crash in comparison to a 5 point harness system. High tech materials have been used to give the optimum side impact protection to the ┬áhead and shoulder area. The Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 seat also has a patented built in shock absorber, which has been constructed using a car ‘crumple zone’ technology. The shock absorber effectively absorbs the forces created in an impact deflecting them away from the chicld and reducing the risk of injury. You really couldn’t ask for a safer seat.



It is really easy to adjust the heigh and width of the seat all done with the pull of one handle and the seat has a three-stage leg extension ensuring they are sitting safely, comfortably with their back and legs supported.

Their is also a removable cushion for extra support and to make sure they are sitting correctly in the seat. Amelia currently has it unfolded on the one layer version and it’s really nice and comfortable. We recently did a 4 hour drive to Wales and she was comfortable the entire way. The seat is fitted with breathable thermotext fabric in specific airs to increase air circulation rather than sitting and getting all hot and sweaty in the car. The car seat comes in a range of colours we have the Silverstone, and the covers can be removed and machine washed, something I need to do with ours!


Overall I am so impressed with the car seat it doesn’t compromise on anything and ensures Amelia is safe and comfortable. I’ve found no problems using the seat and love how quick it is to get Amelia in and out of the car! It’s brilliant as it grows with the child meaning you don’t need to worry about buying a new one at various stages and it looks stylish and has all the safety features you could want.

Thanks for reading!xx



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